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November 8, 2020 Release

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The latest release to the Autosoft Sales and F&I application is now available. It contains useful updates to the Sales and F&I, and an enhancement that improves the mobile user navigation experience.


Sales and F&I VIN Scanner Can Now Read QR Codes

Benefit: Allows users to scan in late-model GM QR codes.

Details: A QR code reader has been added to the VIN scanner in the responsive app, so users can easily use the camera on their phone to scan in vehicles by QR code in an Appraisal or Bookout.

To scan a QR code with the VIN scanner, complete the following steps.

  1. From the Autosoft application on your phone, click Vehicle, and then click Appraisals.
  2. Click New Appraisal.
  3. In the VIN field, click the VINIcon_Dec102019.png icon.
  4. Place your phone, tablet, or laptop camera in front of the vehicle’s VIN sticker.

    The VIN scanner scans the VIN into the appraisal.


Sales and F&I Added Support For Laser Forms

Benefit: Expands the type of forms users can load into their forms library.

Details: Dealer partners can now choose which laser forms they want to include in their forms library. This gives users access to, among other forms, the Reynolds & Reynolds Law Form.

To add a laser form to your library, complete the following steps.

  1. In Sales and F&I, click the Marketplace_October132020.png icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Under Marketplace, click Solutions.

    The Autosoft Solutions page opens. 

  3. On the Retail Contract and State Association Laser Forms, click Add To Cart.

    The Select Laser Forms modal opens.

  4. From the State(s) dropdown, select All States.

    The available forms load.

  5. Select the forms you want to load, and click Select Forms.

    The forms you select are added to your shopping cart ShoppingCart_October132020.png

  6. Click on the shopping cart ShoppingCart_October132020.png icon.
  7. Click Checkout.
  8. Click I Agree.
  9. In the Checkout Confirmation, enter your name and click Sign and Purchase.

    The forms you add will appear in the Forms list in a deal.

Note: The cost of printing laser forms differs between providers. For more information, read the addendum to the Terms & Conditions.

Sales and F&I Moved Agents Online Chat Banner Into Bottom Toolbar On Mobile

Benefit: Makes navigation more user friendly.

Details: The Agents Online banner that users click to open a chat with an Autosoft support agent has now been turned into an icon and moved to the bottom toolbar for mobile users.

Old Layout



New Layout


Sales and F&I Carfax Integration Modified To Allow Individual User Authentication Credentials

Benefit: Improves the user authentication process and lets users access Carfax information more quickly.

Details: The Carfax integration in Sales and F&I has been updated to grant authentication to individual users instead of having all users in a dealership use a global authentication to access Carfax reports. If the user clicks on the Carfax button in the Vehicle Summary Card, a window will now open in Sales and F&I to guide them through the new authentication flow. Once they finish the authentication steps, their user account will now be authenticated and they can open Carfax reports.


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