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June 14, 2020 Release

Autosoft -

The latest release to the Autosoft Sales and F&I application is now available. It contains useful updates that allow for creating deal templates, setting deal search defaults, and scanning VINs on new inventory.


Sales and F&I Deals Can Now Be Saved As Templates

Benefit: Allows dealerships to create new deals quickly.

Details: Users can now save an in-progress deal as a deal template. This lets users customize deals with commonly recurring details, so they don't have to be created from scratch every time. Saved deal templates can be useful in many situations, such as for saving a Front Option like floor mats or for setting an APR for subprime customers.

Note: The deal status must be a quote, and not have a buyer attached to save it as a template.

To save a deal template, complete the following steps.

  1. While on the Dashboard screen, click the Sales App button from the left navigation.
  2. Click New Deal in the upper-right corner of the Deal Search screen, above the Dashboard. 
  3. Fill out the Deal Information modal.
  4. A blank new deal opens on the desking page. 
  5. Fill out the fields you want to be included in your saved template. 
  6. Click Save As Template.

    The Deal Template modal opens. 

  7. In the Template Name field, enter the name of a template and click Save and Close.

Note: If you add a buyer to the new deal, the Save As Template button will be removed.

You can perform the following actions with deal templates:

  • To use a saved template when creating a new deal, click on the Deal Template dropdown in the Deal Information modal and select your preferred template.
  • To open a saved template, click on the Status field in the Deal Search table and select Deal Template. All the saved deal templates will appear.
  • To edit a saved template, open it, make the necessary changes, and click Save.


  • To delete a template when you have it open, click Change Deal Status > Delete Templates.
  • All users can create deals based on deal templates. Only users with the following roles can create, modify, or delete templates.
    • Controller
    • Dealer Principal
    • Finance Admin
    • Sales Admin


Sales and F&I Deal Search Defaults Added to Sales and F&I

Benefit: Allows users to search for deals more quickly.

Details: Users can now save default settings they have applied to their deal search table. Previously, users would have to set filters and sorts for a deal search every time they used it. Now, dealers can apply commonly used deal filters, such as setting "Status" to "Working" and "Type" to "Retail," and those filters will remain in place every time they open the Deal Search table.

Note: The Deal Search will now be set to show only the past 90 days of results by default. To remove this default and include all deals in the Deal Search table, click Clear.


To save and apply your deal search defaults, complete the following steps.

  1. Filter and sort the deal search table to your preference.
  2. Click Save Default.
  3. Continue to filter and sort the Deal Search tables.
  4. Click Apply Default.
  5. The Deal Search table resets to your saved default.

Note: When a user applies search parameters to the Deal Search table, those parameters will remain in place as long as the user continues to navigate through the Sales app. If they leave the Sales app to go to another module within Sales and F&I, such as Vehicle or Reports, when they return to the Sales app the Deal Search table will be reset to defaults. 




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