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January 12, 2020 Release

Autosoft -

The latest release to the Autosoft Sales and F&I application is now available. It contains the following enhancements.

Sales and F&I 
Sales Users Can Now Filter the Deal Search Table by VIN

Benefit: Empowers users to quickly find a specific deal in the Deal Search Table

Details: The Deal Search table in Sales and F&I is now equipped to filter by VIN. That means that users can simply enter a VIN in the Vehicle Info field, and the Deal Search table will filter out all deals that don't match that VIN. Users can enter either the full VIN, or a partial VIN. Sales and F&I will recognize the VIN if you enter the last 6 or 8 digits. 



Sales and F&I Sales and F&I Payment Value Increased to Six Digits

Benefit: Allows users to view deal payments over $99,999.

Details: On the Desking page, the deal Payment field has been modified to allow six digits (not including decimals). Previously, the Payment field only allowed values up to five digits. That means that you could only enter payments that maxed out at $99,999. But now dealerships can enter payments up to than $999,999. 


Sales and F&I Users Can Now Minimize Sales Graphs on the Sales Dashboard

Benefit: Allows user to hide Sales graphs and focus on Deal Search.

Details: The Sales Graphs card now includes a Caret_January112020.pngcaret that the user can click to hide the Sales Graph. When you click on the caret, The Sales Graphs card will collapse and the Alerts window and Sales and Lost Sales graphs will be hidden. The Deal Search card will move higher on the page. Click the caret beside Sales Graphs again to open the Sales Graphs card.


Sales and F&I Assessment Value Field Removed from Selling Price Card

Benefit: Dealerships Only Need To Enter Base Selling Price

Details: Previously, Georgia law figured the tax for a used vehicle based on its assessed value rather than the sales price of the vehicle. On January 1st, 2020, they revoked that law and now tax is calculated based on sales price, not assessed value. In Sales and F&I, that means that the Assessment Value field on the Selling Price card has been removed. Now, when desking a deal, you’ll only see the Base Selling Price value.


Current Layout


Previous Layout

Sales and F&I Taxable Front Adds Now Listed When Vehicle Price Is Negative (Pennsylvania Only)

Benefit: Displays a Simpler Tax Lets Pennsylvania Dealerships View Front Add Price When Vehicle Price Is Negative

Details: For Pennsylvania dealerships, when a vehicle trade allowance is larger than its selling price, causing a negative vehicle tax, the front option tax will be included in the overall Vehicle Tax on the Financed Taxes card.



Sales and F&I New Hampshire Dealerships Can Now Calculate Life, Auto, and Health Insurance for Protective Insurance

Benefit: New Hampshire Dealers Can Now Use New Insurance Calculation

Details: Sales and F&I is now equipped with a new calculation for life, auto, and health insurance for New Hampshire dealerships from the insurance provider Protective, for New Hampshire. 

To set Protective to calculate for New Hampshire dealerships, complete the following steps.

  1. Click Setup, and then click Sales.
  2. From the Sales page, click Credit Insurance.
  3. In the Credit Insurance search field, enter Protective.

    The search results return Protective.

  4. Click Protective, and then click View Plan.
  5. Click the Calculation drop-down.
  6. Select NH.


Sales and F&I Sales Dashboard Now Includes Gross Sales Chart

Benefit: Dealerships Are Able To Quickly and Easily View Front, Back, and Total Gross 

Details: The Sales Dashboard now includes a Gross sales bar graph, which allows you to view the front, back, and total gross. Each gross amount will be represented by a bars, one each for Cash, Lease, or Finance. The gross bar graphs will reflect negative sales as well as positive sales. 


When you hover over a bar on the Gross bar graph, a popup showing sales details will display.


To set the date range for the Gross bar graph, complete the following steps.

  1. Click in the date range field. 
  2. The date range modal opens.
  3. Complete one of the following options.
    • Select a date range from the calendar. Use the RightCursor_January102020.pngRightCursor_January102020.pngcursors to select a different month, if necessary.
    • Select a range option from the sidebar, such as Last 7 Days or Yesterday.




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