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December 15, 2019 Release

Autosoft -

The latest release to the Autosoft Sales and F&I application is now available. It contains the following enhancements.

Sales and F&I Sales Dashboard Now Available in Light and Dark Themes

Benefit: Gives Users More Control Over Display Preferences

Details: Autosoft’s Sales and F&I application can now display in both light and dark themes. This gives dealerships control over how the application appears on their desktop computers or mobile devices. While a lighter theme can look bright and fresh, a darker theme can help reduce eyestrain, allowing your eyes to concentrate on the screen for longer periods.


Dark Theme


Light Theme

To change the color theme, complete the following steps.

  1. In Sales, click the user icon User_Icon_Dec102019.png.
  2. Click Preferences.
  3. Under General, click the System Theme drop-down. 
  4. Select Light or Dark. 
  5. Refresh your browser.

Sales and F&I Chat Window Now Embedded in Sales and F&I

Benefit: Users can easily ask questions or report issues customer representatives from within the Sales and F&I application.

Details: Users can directly and immediately contact Autosoft customer success representatives through a chat window embedded within Sales and F&I. If Autosoft users have a question or need to report an issue, they can do so quickly and without having to write an email or make a phone call. Chat users will be interacting with a real person, not a bot.


Sales and F&I Floor Plan Interest Calculator Added

Benefit: Dealers With Floor Plan Inventory Can Now Calculate Interest Directly Within Sales and F&I.

Details: Many dealers want to know how much a floor plan is costing them in interest. We now enable them to learn this information directly with the Sales and F&I application. 

To do so, complete the following steps.

  1. In Setup, click Sales, and then click Banks.

    The Bank table opens.  


  2. Scroll the table or use the search bar to find the relevant bank.
  3. Click on the bank, and then click View Bank.
  4. Click Bank Defaults.
  5. Set the Floor Plan Lender toggle to Yes.
  6. Complete the fields under Floor Plan Information.
  7. In the fields under the Curtailment card, enter any curtailments on the loan.
  8. To set interest rates, click Annual Schedule of Rates, enter the proper values, and click Continue.

    Note: Users must continually revise interest each month as it changes.

  9. In the Floor Plan Fees fields, enter values in the New and Used fields.
  10. In the Insurance Fees fields, enter values in the New and Used fields.
  11. Click Vehicle on the left-side menu.

    The Vehicle app opens.


  12. Select a vehicle from the Vehicle Search, and click View Vehicle.

    The vehicle record opens.


  13. Under Pricing, select the Floor Plan Lender dropdown, and select a vendor.

    Note: This is only if the user has set up multiple banks as floor plan lenders. If they only have one bank set as a floor plan lender, the Floor Plan Lender will default to that bank.

  14. In the Floor Plan Amount field, enter the value.
  15. Click Save.

    When a user opens a vehicle record the cumulative floor plan interest and fees will recalculate. A vehicle must be in stock for fees to recalculate.


Sales and F&I Sales and F&I Now Includes Auction Search

Benefit: View All Available Vehicle Auction Data In One List 

Details: Sales and F&I now includes an auction list, in which every vehicle up for auction is listed for every auction house you have activated. The Auction list provides a helpful portal for analyzing and obtaining pre-owned inventory. Dealerships that acquire pre-owned vehicles on trade can recondition vehicles and list them for sale on auction. The auction list is also populated by vehicles that dealerships are hoping to offload because they don’t align with that dealerships market, like older high-mileage vehicles. Independent dealers will pick vehicles like this up at auction. The auction lists shows each vehicle up for auction, along with important details like Year, Make, Model, Exterior Color, Mileage, Location, Auction Channel, Date & Time, Seller Type, Condition Grade, Extended Model, Market Analysis, and Buy Now Price.

In addition to Deal Search List, the Auction List has also been redesigned to feature dynamic fields for searching and filtering data. Results are filtered immediately and quickly.

To open the auction search, complete the following steps.

  1. On Sales, click Vehicle, then click Auction Search from the drop-down.
  2. The Auction Search opens.


Sales and F&I 
Sales Dashboard Redesigned

Benefit: Dealerships Can More Easily Track Salespeople’s Metrics

Details: The redesigned Sales bar graph now displays the number of sales per employee. You can easily view those sales year-to-date, month-to-date, or week-to-date, to give you a better sense of your sales landscape.


Sales Dashboard by Month-To-Date Sales

You can also use the Sales widget to view lost sales. To view lost sales by salesperson, click Lost.


Lost Sales, Month-To-Date


Sales Year-To-Date

When you hover over a bar on the bar graph, a popup opens, showing the number of sales, the salesperson, and whether those sales were new or used.


If a salesperson has sold a combination of used and new vehicles, as many will, the new and used sales will be combined in the same bar as different shades of the same color, as you can see below.


New Sales


Used Sales 

In addition to viewing sales data by employee, you can view it by month. To do so, click the dropdown with the Employee Review text and select Monthly Review. The Monthly Review graph opens. Monthly Review displays as a thirteen-month rolling window, as you can see in the screenshot below.



Inventory Management VIN Scanner Now Available on Appraisal Screen 

Benefit: Users Can Scan Vin Directly From Mobile Device

DetailsAutosoft's web solution is now enabled to provide responsive web pages with a robust VIN scanner making it simple to scan a VIN into an appraisal directly from a mobile device, instead of typing it in manually. This means a salesperson can easily run an appraisal during a walkaround, letting them know how the vehicle will perform on the market.

To use the VIN scanner, complete the following steps.

  1. From the Autosoft application on your phone, click Vehicle, and then click Appraisals.
  2. Click New Appraisal.
  3. In the VIN field, click the VINIcon_Dec102019.png icon.
  4. Place your phone, tablet, or laptop camera in front of the vehicle’s VIN sticker.

    The VIN scanner scans the VIN.



Sales and F&I Sales Deal Search Table Now Includes Dynamic Fields 

Benefit: Users Can Search and Filter Deal List Values Directly From Field

Details: The Deal Search table now includes fields directly under the field name that you can use to search or filter table contents. This replaces the standalone search bar from previous software versions. When a user types a value into the empty fields, the contents of the table will instantly reorganize around that search term. Fields with this icon have a dropdown, and when you select a value from the dropdown the contents of the table are reorganized around that search term. The search fields act as a way to both find specific information on the Deals table, and filter the table contents.

In addition to being searchable, dynamic table fields display better on mobile devices. 

For new customers, Sales and F&I will be set to the dark theme. After the latest updates are released, Sales and F&I will still appear in the traditional light theme for existing users.


Inventory Management Auction List Includes Watchlist

Benefit: Allows dealerships to keep track of potential auction vehicles for bidding.

Details: Auction lists collect data from multiple auction houses nationwide. As such, auction lists can include tens of thousands of vehicles. Many dealerships will want to refine that list to only vehicles with specific characteristics that suit their dealership brand. When dealerships find auction vehicle they’re interested in, they can now place those vehicles on a watchlist.

The Date & Time field of the auction list displays the exact date and time the vehicle auction will begin. The field includes a gavel icon that indicates how close the auction is to beginning. The following list explains the meaning of each gavel color.

  • 15 minutes or less in the future: Red Gavel
  • 30 minutes to >15 minutes: Green Gavel
  • In the past: Gray Gavel 
  • More than 30 minutes in the future: Clock

To place auction vehicles on a watchlist, complete the following steps.

  1. On the Auction List, under Watching, click the check box for a vehicle auction you want to follow.
  2. Repeat step 1 for any additional vehicles you want to follow.
  3. Click Watch List View.

The Watch List View opens. Every vehicle you put on the watchlist will appear on the Watch List View.


Inventory Management User Can Now Enable Auction Watchlist Alerts

Benefit: Informs Users The Day Before Auction Begins

Details: When users place an auction vehicle on the auction watchlist, the Sales application now sends the user an alert 24 hours before that auction is about to begin. That way, if users have shown interest in an auction vehicle, Autosoft ensures that they won’t miss the auction.

After created, auction alerts will appear on the Sales dashboard. Click on the Auction alert banner to be taken to the auction watchlist.


Sales and F&I

Menu Selling Printout Redesigned

Benefit: Menu Selling Layout More Closely Aligns With Industry Trends

Details: The menu selling template printout has been redesigned to show the customer options listed side by side. This updates the printout design to match the current look of other menu selling printouts.

To print out a menu selling template, go to Using Menu Selling.




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