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Purchasing Black Book and NADA Used Car Guide Mobile Licenses from the Marketplace

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Both Black Book and NADA Used Car Guide require individual licenses for each user of the book providers in the Autosoft Inventory Management Mobile app, even if your dealership has a license to use the book providers in Autosoft's Bookout and Inventory Management applications within the desktop version of Autosoft DMS. So Autosoft's Marketplace now allows you to make in-app purchases of and immediately activate the Black Book and NADA Used Car Guide book providers for selected users in the Autosoft Inventory Management Mobile app.

Note:  Users without the necessary roles or permissions to make purchases through the Marketplace tool can make requests for Autosoft solutions. You can then review your purchase history and any internal requests made by other users. (See the Help Center for more information on Autosoft's Marketplace.)

To make Black Book and NADA Used Car Guide mobile licensing purchases in Marketplace, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click the Marketplace icon in the main navigation frame of any page in the system. 


Step 2. A drop-down menu where you can select to view available add-on Solutions or your Purchase History


Step 3. Select Solutions. The Marketplace will open, listing all the Autosoft Solutions, Market Data Sources, and Connect Solutions. 


Step 4. Click the Black Book Mobile or NADA Used Car Guide Mobile card. 


Step 5. The Black Book Mobile or NADA Used Car Guide Mobile page opens (Black Book Mobile shown below for reference). The page lists the monthly subscription fee per mobile license along with a description of the mobile license.

Use the quantity field to type the number of mobile licenses you wish to purchase or use the up and down arrows to reach the desired number.  


Step 6. Click Add License(s)

The order appears under the shopping cart icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.


Step 7. When you're done filling your shopping cart with tools, services, and integrations, click Checkout or the shopping cart icon to proceed with your purchase. 

The Checkout screen opens, listing the contents of your shopping cart and the total (taxes not included). You can still adjust your order here by changing the number of licenses or removing an item altogether.


Step 8. Click Checkout.  

Step 9. Autosoft's Terms and Conditions will display on the screen. Click I Agree to proceed. 

Important:  Autosoft will bill dealers based on purchased licenses, not based on assigned licenses. Users cannot remove purchased licenses in the Marketplace. To do so, users must call Autosoft to downgrade licenses.

Step 10. The Checkout Confirmation screen opens, listing the total Marketplace purchase amount. Type your name in the Name field and click Sign and Purchase to complete your order.


Step 11. Users with the appropriate permissions can then access the Manage Licenses button in the Marketplace. Click the button to open the Black Book or NADA Used Car Guide Mobile Licensing screen.

Step 12. Here, you'll see a tally of purchased, assigned, and available mobile licenses. Use the license list on the page to assign the unassigned accounts.


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