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April 28, 2019 Release

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The latest release to Autosoft Sales and F&I includes updates to tax calculations for several states.


Setup  Tax updates added for several states

Benefit:   Updated tax calculations ensure the accuracy of the taxing on deals and limit the amount of manual editing required when working a deal.

Details: Tax calculations have been updated for the states listed below. Please review the information to understand how your dealership may be affected by these changes if you do business in the affected states.



Tax 4 was previously only available for use for lease deals. Now, Tax 4 will be available for all deal types.


If you already utilize Tax 4 for leases, you should see the Tax 4 changes for the additional deal types in the Taxes and Fees Setup. If you are currently only using three taxes for CO, you will need to remove CO from from the state list in the Taxes and Fees Setup and add the state back to the list in order to see the Tax 4 changes. Use the following links to view instructions for removing and adding states.

Removing a State from Your Taxes & Fees Setup
Adding State Taxes and Fees in Sales Setup


Important:  If you already had Tax 4 added to your Taxes and Fees Setup previous to the release, you can simply change the deal type on existing retail deals and then change the deal type back to retail to have the Tax 4 changes display on the existing retail deals. If you were only using three taxes, deals started before the CO changes were released will only show taxes 1-3.



A tax flag has been added for rebates on retail deals. The tax flag is selected when you add a rebate to a retail deal. If you do not want to tax the rebate, simply clear the Tax 1 box.




A tax flag has been added for rebates on lease deals. The tax flag is not automatically selected when a rebate is added to a lease deal. If you want to tax the rebate, simply select the Tax 1 box.




Changes have been made to use the Tax 1 and Trade Is Lease flags to determine if the trade allowance is subtracted from the taxable price. By default, the Tax 1 flag is not set, and the Trade Is Lease flag is set to No; therefore, you will not see any changes in how the trade allowance is being handled.


Default Settings: Allowance not Included in Taxable Price


However, if you choose to tax the trade allowance (select Tax 1) or flag the trade a lease, the system will include the trade allowance in the taxable price.


Edited Settings: Allowance Included in Taxable Price



Tax Flags for all back-end products have been added for lease deals. You will need to review the setup for your back options, GAP plans, maintenance plans, service plans, and warranty plans to ensure the tax flags are set in order to ensure the amounts are includes in the taxable base payment. (You will also have the ability to edit the tax flags in the deal as needed.)

Use the links below to assist you with editing you products in setup.

Editing Front and Back Options In Setup
Editing Coverage Plans




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