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April 1, 2019 Release

Autosoft -

The latest release of Autosoft DMS contains features designed to improve the way you view information in your Autosoft system.

Note:  The Inventory Dashboard is included in Autosoft's subscription-based Inventory Management product. You must have a subscription to Inventory Management and user permission to access the Inventory Dashboard.  


Vehicle   Improvements made to the Inventory Dashboard

Benefit:  Cleaner graphs and color schemes provide a more polished dashboard while providing additional information to ensure pertinent information is readily available.

Details: Autosoft’s been working to improve your Inventory Dashboard! The changes are listed below.

The Used Inventory – Water card has been renamed Equity Water. The only change was to the color scheme the chart uses.



The Inventory Aging widget has been restructured for readability. The blocks on the left are the average days in stock for New Retail, Used Retail, and Wholesale vehicles. The bars to the right of each block represent the aging for each category. You can still click a segment to drill into the segment to work with the data as needed.



The Vehicles Missing Data card has been broken out into three separate cards: Vehicles Missing Bookout Data, Vehicles Missing Merchandising Data, and Vehicles Missing Pricing Data. While this information was available on the original dashboard card, it required you to use filters to select the data you wanted to view. Now, this information is always displayed on the dashboard.





This Alert card displays any alerts regarding your vehicle inventory. The number of alerts will display for your reference. This is a quick way to gauge how well you are managing your vehicle inventory. Alerts include information about vehicle aging, pricing, and marketing.


Want to learn more about the Inventory Dashboard? Click here to view detailed information about each card on the dashboard.


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