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Using the AutoCheck, CARFAX, VinAudit, and NHTSA Buttons in Vehicle Summary Cards

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While viewing a vehicle record, you can use the AutoCheck, CARFAX, VinAudit, and NHTSA buttons to run reports on the vehicle. These reports will provide the vehicle, service, and accident history and any open recalls on the vehicle. 

The buttons are located in the record's Vehicle Summary Card.


For directions on using these buttons, click the options below:



Using AutoCheck

Clicking the AutoCheck button in the Vehicle Summary card will launch the AutoCheck vehicle history report for the inventory or customer vehicle in a new browser tab. 

Important:  To set up the AutoCheck integration, you will first need to contact Experian Automotive Client Support directly at 888.409.2204 and request that HTML integration be turned on for your existing AutoCheck account. Experian will then provide you a store ID (SID), which you will enter into the Autosoft system. DO NOT use the credentials Experian supplied for access to the Autocheck Web portal. For full directions, see the Help Center article, "Setting Up AutoCheck Integration."

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Using CARFAX Unlimited

Clicking the CARFAX button in the Vehicle Summary card will launch the CARFAX Unlimited report for the inventory or customer vehicle in a new browser tab.

Important:  To set up CARFAX Unlimited integration in your system, you must first establish a CARFAX Unlimited account with CARFAX. Contact CARFAX at 888.788.7715 or to create an account. See the Knowledge Base article, "Setting Up CARFAX Unlimited Integration" for directions.

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Use the VinAudit button in the Vehicle Summary card to generate a vehicle service history report for the vehicle from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). Clicking the VinAudit button opens the website, where users can establish an account upon first use, log in, and run the service history report on the vehicle in a new web browser tab. 

A monthly dealer fee of $20 is required to use the VinAudit service. Additionally, VinAudit charges $1 per NMVTIS report. To use the service, dealerships must create a user account with VinAudit. 

Important:  To set up VinAudit integration, you must first establish an account with VinAudit. See the Knowledge Base article, "Setting Up VinAudit Integration" for directions.

Click the VinAudit button. will open in a new web browser tab.

If you've already established an account with VinAudit, the website will ask you to confirm that you wish to generate the vehicle service history for the vehicle. 

If a report has already been generated for the vehicle, the NMVTIS vehicle history report will display. 

If you haven't registered your dealership with VinAudit, a registration/login page displays. See the step-by-step directions above to establish an account.

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You can use the NHTSA button to check for recalls on inventory or customer vehicles. Use of this feature is free of charge. 

Click the NHTSA button in the Vehicle Summary card. The website will open in a new browser tab with the vehicle's VIN preloaded. Check the page for any NHTSA recalls open for the vehicle.

Note:  The website may require that you validate the usage of the site with a CAPTCHA verification process. This process is not within Autosoft's control. 

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