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Setting Up VinAudit Integration

Autosoft -

The VinAudit integration with Autosoft allows users to generate a vehicle service history report for a vehicle from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). Clicking the VinAudit button in Autosoft opens the website, where users can establish an account upon first use, log in, and run the service history report on the vehicle in a new web browser tab. 

A monthly dealer fee of $20 is required to use the VinAudit service. Additionally, VinAudit charges $1 per NMVTIS report. To use the service, dealerships must create a user account with VinAudit. 

To establish a VinAudit account, follow these steps:

Step 1. From any vehicle record's Vehicle Summary Card or within the Appraisal screen's Appraisal Notes card, click the VinAudit button. A registration screen opens in a new web browser tab for first-time users. 

Step 2. Enter the required dealership and user information and check the boxes to agree to the Partner Agreement and NMVTIS Disclaimer. You can read both by clicking the respective hyperlinks. 

Step 3. Click Activate Now

Note:  Once you've created a user account with VinAudit, you will not have to log in to use the service. The VinAudit website will recognize your dealer ID and automatically generate the report.
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