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Using the Alabama Title System (ALTS) Integration

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For Alabama dealerships, Autosoft integrates with the Alabama Title System (ALTS). This system has replaced the AL ETAPS integration dealerships have used to submit electronic title applications in the past. For step-by-step instructions on setting up the ALTS integration, see the Knowledge Base article, "Setting Up the Alabama Title System (ALTS) Integration."

Using the ALTS integration is very similar to using the AL ETAPS integration within Autosoft.

To send the deal, simply follow these steps:

Step 1. Once the deal is ready, click the Integration tab within the deal. The Integration screen opens.


Step 2. Use the Integration Organization list to select ALTS (new). ALTS New Integration will automatically populate in the Transaction list.


Step 3. Click the Send button to send the deal information to the ALTS system within MVTRIP.

Step 4. The Status will indicate the status of the transmission. 

When an ALTS submission is successful, the Status will display "Successful - App# " followed by the returned application number in a green font.


When an ALTS submission is not successful, the Status will display "Error - Click here for messages" in a red font.


The red font is a link to the specific error message returned. Clicking the red link opens a screen that list all the error messages applicable to the transmission. You will need to correct the errors before attempting to send the transmission again.



Understanding Token Errors

If you receive the following error message, there is an issue with your tokens. 


You will need to request an Access Token and Refresh token from MVTRIP. Please refer to the  article "Setting Up the Alabama Title System (ALTS) Integration" for information about requesting tokens and adding the tokens to the ALTS setup in Autosoft Sales and F&I.


Removing ETAPS from the Integration Organizations List

AL ETAPS will remain as a selection in your list of Integration Organizations until Autosoft receives notice from the state of Alabama that ETAPS has been fully retired. 

If you wish to manually remove ETAPS prior to its retirement, you may do so by following these steps:

Step 1. Click the Setup button in the blue navigation bar. The System page of Setup opens.

Step 2. Click the Integrations tab below the Dealership Summary Card. The Dealership Integrations list opens, displaying all the third-party integrations set up for your dealership.

Step 3. Search for or scroll to find AL ETAPS.

Step 4. Single-click AL ETAPS to open its quick-look card.

Step 5. Click Edit Integration, opening the AL ETAPS setup pop-up.


Step 6. In the Transactions card of the pop-up, uncheck the AL ETAPS Integration box.


Step 7. Click Save and Close. The integration will no longer appear in the Integration tab of deals.



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