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Printing Vehicle Forms

Autosoft -

Use the Forms page of a vehicle record to print vehicle-related forms, like window stickers or a buyer's guide, without having to add the vehicle to a deal. The page lists all the forms assigned to the dealership by Autosoft.

Note:  Users must have permission to access the Forms page of vehicle records. 

Step 1. While in a vehicle record, click the Equipment button below the Vehicle Summary Card. The Equipment page opens.


Step 2. Use the checkboxes in the Print column to determine which options or equipment will be included in the printed form. Checking a box for an option line includes the item; unchecking excludes it. The system keeps track of how many items you have selected. Use this information to determine how many equipment items will properly print on your given forms. 

Step 3. Click the Forms button below the Vehicle Summary Card. The Forms page opens, listing all vehicle forms by display name (clicking the name acts as a printing shortcut for that particular form), form number and revision date, as well as the number of times the form has been printed for the vehicle. 


Step 4. If you have more than one store, use the Store drop-down menu to select the correct store.

Step 5. Click the Form Preview toggle to Yes if you want to view a preview of forms prior to printing or No if you don't want to see forms before they print.

Step 6. Locate the form or forms you want to print, and click the checkbox on the left side of the page to select the form or forms.

Step 7. In the Copies column for each form, use the up and down arrows to specify how many copies to print. You can also click into the Copies field and type the number of copies.  

Step 8. Click the Print Forms button in the upper-right corner of the screen. 

Step 9. If you set the Form Preview toggle to "No" in Step 5, the form or forms print to the printer set up in the Autosoft Print Manager.

If you set the Form Preview toggle to "Yes" in Step 5, the Autosoft Print Manager opens. Type all the requested information on the Enter Parameter Values screen and click OK.

Note:  You may need to test the number of options you can print on a vehicle form to prevent spacing issues on the final product. 

Step 10. If you're happy with the preview, click Print Form

Step 11. Repeat Steps 9 and 10 for additional forms in the batch. 

Note:  Use the Forms History button to view the vehicle's history of forms printing, including which forms were printed by whom, along with the date and time each form was printed.


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