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Selecting Optional Equipment

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While Autosoft's VIN Decode feature pulls the standard equipment associated with a vehicle's VIN, the VIN Decode can't determine any optional equipment that may have been added to a vehicle. Optional equipment must be added manually using the Select Optional Equipment button on the Equipment page of the vehicle record.

To use this button, follow these steps:

Step 1. While in a vehicle record's Overview page, click the Decode button in the Vehicle Details card. This ensures the most accurate information is available, including all options available for the vehicle, based on the vehicle's VIN.

Step 2. Click the Equipment button below the Vehicle Summary Card. The Equipment page opens. 


Step 3. The page lists all the standard equipment that was pulled by the VIN Decode. To add optional equipment, click the Select Optional Equipment button in the upper-right corner of the Equipment page. The Select Optional Equipment pop-up opens, displaying all the optional equipment offered for the vehicle based on VIN. 


Step 4. Use the checkboxes in the Select column to select the optional equipment that applies to the vehicle. The list includes any optional equipment offered for the model, from exterior and seating color to transmission. Along with the option description, an MSRP and Cost is listed for some options.

Step 5. When you're done selecting the optional equipment, click Save and Close. The equipment you added appears on the list. You'll also find the manufacturer option code for the equipment you added in the Code column. 



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