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Setting Default Deal Disclosure Forms

Autosoft -

Use the Disclosures tab on the Forms page within Sales setup to set default deal disclosure forms. The system defaults the deal disclosures to those provided by Autosoft. However, dealerships that have custom-programmed forms can use the Disclosures tab to select a default from the custom forms. 

To set deal disclosure defaults, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click the Setup button in the main navigation bar along the left side of the screen. Setup opens.

Step 2. Hover over Sales in the horizontal button bar above the Dealership Summary Card. 

Step 3. A menu of Sales setup options opens. Click to select Forms


Step 4. The Forms page opens.


Click the Disclosures tab. 

Step 5. The Disclosures page opens. By default, the Retail, Lease, Cash, Wholesale, and Balloon fields display the deal disclosures provided by Autosoft.


To change the default disclosures to custom forms added to the system for your dealership, use the options menu in each of the fields to select the appropriate custom form for the sale type. The list of options includes all custom forms added for your dealership.

Step 6. Click Save. A green "Sucess" message verifies that your changes have been saved.

The default disclosure form you've set will print for the corresponding deal type when the Deal Disclosure button is clicked on the Desking screen of a deal. 

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