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Editing a QuickBooks Vehicle Sales Template

Autosoft -

Once a vehicle sales template has been created to manage and transmit data from Autosoft Sales and F&I and QuickBooks, you can edit the template as necessary. 

Step 1. While in the Setup application, hover over the Accounting tab and select the Vehicle Sales option in the options menu that opens.


The Vehicle Sales Search screen opens. 


Step 2. Locate a template by scrolling through the Vehicle Sale Search list, or search for a vehicle sales template using the Search bar and clicking Search

Step 3. Once you've located the vehicle sales template you wish to open, double-click the template in the list. The vehicle sales template opens. Click the Edit toggle in the upper-right corner of the screen to turn on the toggle (toggle background will be blue when the edit view is activated). 


Step 4. Edit the G/L Account or Formula fields per line as necessary. For step-by-step directions on working with formulas, see the Knowledge Base article, "Adding a QuickBooks Vehicle Sales Template."

To add or remove debit and/or credit lines, use the blue + buttons and gray - buttons, respectively, where available. 

Important:  If you make a change that you wish to reverse, use the Reset to Defaults button in the upper-right corner of the screen. This will reset the template to Autosoft defaults. Before you use this button, be sure to note any changes you've made to the template that you wish to keep, as they will be lost when the template is reset to the defaults. 

Step 5. When you're done editing the template, click Save

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