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Searching for QuickBooks General Ledger Accounts

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You can easily search for and open existing general ledger accounts set up for your Sales and F&I integration with QuickBooks. 

To search for and open a QuickBooks general ledger account, follow these steps:

Step 1. While in the Setup application, hover over the Accounting tab and select the General Ledger option in the options menu that opens.


Step 2. The General Ledger Account Search Screen opens.


Accounts are listed by Account Type, Account Name, Account Number (if entered), Account Description (if entered), and account Status (only "Active" accounts are listed unless the Show Inactive toggle is turned on).

You can sort the list by column content by clicking the column heading by which you wish to sort. For example, clicking the Account Number column header once sorts the list by account number in ascending order. Clicking the Account Number column header a second time sorts the list by account number in descending order. 

Step 3. To search for a general ledger account, type a search term into the Search bar and click Search


The search results populate the screen. 

Note:  To clear a search, click the gray X in the Search bar. This clears the search terms and search results and allows you to begin a fresh search.

Step 4. Once you've located the general ledger account you wish to open, click the account in the list. Its quick-look card will open, listing the account name, Account Type, Status, Account Number (if one was entered), and Account Description (if one was entered). 



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