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Reactivating an Inactive QuickBooks General Ledger Account

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Once you've marked a general ledger used in the QuickBooks integration "Inactive," if it becomes necessary to use the account again, you can easily reactivate it.

Note:  Inactive general ledgers aren't displayed on the General Ledger Account Search screen unless the page's Show Inactive toggle is turned on. 

To reactivate an "inactive" general ledger account, follow these steps:

Step 1. While in the Setup application, hover over the Accounting tab and select General Ledger from the options menu that opens. 


Step 2. The General Ledger Account Search screen opens. Click the Show Inactive toggle to include inactive general ledgers in the list. When the toggle's background is blue, the list includes inactive accounts. 


Step 3. Scroll through the list of general ledger accounts to locate the account you wish to reactivate, or search for the account by typing a search term into the Search bar and clicking Search

Step 4. Once you've located the general ledger account, double-click the account in the list to open the account's General Ledger Setup pop-up in edit mode.

You can also reach the General Ledger Setup pop-up by single-clicking the account in the list, opening its quick-look card, which displays the general ledger account's name, Account Type, Status (Inactive), Account Number (if entered), and Account Description (if entered), as well as the Edit Account button. Click Edit Account


Step 5. To reactivate the account, click the Set Active in the upper-right corner of the General Ledger Setup pop-up. 


After clicking this button, the button label changes to Set Inactive.

Step 6. Click Save and Close

The newly reactivated general ledger account now appears in the General Ledger Account Search screen as "Active."

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