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Establishing Separate Fee Defaults by Deal and Vehicle Type

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The Fees page of the Taxes & Fees setup allows for advanced setup of variable fees based on vehicle type and deal type. Use the Advanced Setup button for a basic fee to set more specific fees that vary for new and used vehicles and retail, lease, balloon, or cash deals. The appropriate variable fee will be applied to individual deals based on deal type and vehicle type, saving you time when building deals and providing more control over deal fees. You can still edit the fees on individual deals as needed. 

To use the "Advanced Setup" option, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click the Setup button in the blue navigation bar. The System Setup Information screen will open.

Note:  Only users with the appropriate roles and permissions can access the Setup application.

Step 2. Click the Sales button above the Dealership Summary Card. 

Step 3. The Sales setup menu will open. Select Taxes & Fees


Step 4. Click the Fees button at the top of the Taxes & Fees screen. The Fees page will open.


Step 5. If you don't need to specify different fee values for various deal and vehicle types, you can use the basic fields on the Fees page to set up or modify deal fees. See the Knowledge Base article, "Adding State Taxes and Fees in Sales Setup," to learn how to set basic fees. 

If you wish to set up different fee values for various deal and vehicle types, click the Advanced Setup button on the far-right of each fee line. 

Step 6. The fee's Advanced Setup pop-up will open. Individual fields will be represented for retail, lease, cash, balloon, and wholesale deals for both new and used vehicles (on separate lines). The basic fee that was entered in the Fee Amount field on the Fees page will auto-populate the various fields, excluding Wholesale


Click in the deal type field or fields for which you wish to set a different fee. 

Note:  The Wholesale field displays a $0.00 field because it's rare that fees are charged on wholesale deals. However, if your dealership does charge wholesale deal fees, you can type them in the Wholesale fields. 

Step 7. Once you've entered the specialized fees, click Save.  


The Fees page will now display "See Advanced Setup" in the Fee Amount column for the fee you adjusted, signifying that variability exists for a fee based on new/used or deal type. If you wish to edit that particular fee in the future, you must use the Advanced Setup button. 


Step 8. Repeat Steps 5 through 7 for additional variable fees. When you've finished, click Save on the Fees page to ensure all changes are saved. A green "Success" message will verify that your changes have been saved. 

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