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Setting Dealership-Wide Settings

Autosoft -

You can establish several dealership-wide settings that will affect all users within the dealership. These settings govern automatic VIN decoding, access to customer's social media accounts, and open deal locking. To access and set up these settings, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click the Setup button in the main navigation bar along the left of the screen. The System setup screen will open to the Information page. 


Step 2. Click the Settings button below the Dealership Summary Card. The System Settings page will open. The settings you establish here will apply system-wide for all users.


The screen is divided into three cards: Automatic VIN Decode, Social Media, and Deal Access.

Step 3. In the Automatic VIN Decode card, use the Automatic VIN Decode toggle to determine if VINs will be automatically decoded. By default, the toggle is set to Yes. When set to Yes, entering a vehicle's VIN on any screen containing a VIN field will automatically decode the VIN when the final character of the 17-digit VIN is entered, and any fields connected to the VIN details will populate automatically.

Click the toggle to No if you don't want VINs to decode automatically. When this setting is set to No, users will have to click the Decode button next to a screen's VIN field to decode the VIN. 

Step 4. In the Social Media card, use the Access Social Media toggle to determine if your dealership's employees can use the social media function. Click to Yes to enable the social media connection feature or No to disable it. 

Step 5. In the Deal Access card, use the Multiple Users Can Access Same Deal toggle to determine if opening a deal automatically locks the deal, prohibiting other users from accessing it until the user who has it open closes the deal, thereby unlocking it.

By default, the toggle is set to Yes, allowing multiple users to open and edit the same deal simultaneously. Upon opening the deal, each user will receive an alert that the other user is currently viewing the same deal. Clicking Continue allows each user to access and edit the deal. Clicking Cancel returns the user to the Deal Search screen.

To lock open deals and prevent multiple users from accessing them simultaneously, click the toggle to No. When User A is working in a deal and User B attempts to open the same deal, User B will receive an alert that User A is currently in the deal. User B will click Cancel to close the alert and return to the Deal Search screen. 

Important:  An "Unlock Deal" permission under Deal Actions on the Sales page of the Security area allows an administrative user to unlock a locked deal, giving a second user immediate access to the deal. If you have a user who performs as system administrator, you may wish to manually assign them this permission in their Employee Permissions page in Setup, thereby allowing them to unlock any locked deals if immediate access is required or the lock feature malfunctions. However, it is strongly suggested that you assign this permission carefully and sparingly.

Step 6. Click Save. A green "Success" message will verify that the changes have been saved.



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