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Unlocking In-Use Deals

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The "Multiple Users Can Access Same Deal" setting in Setup's Dealership Settings screen allows you to limit access to individual deals to one user at a time when set to No. When the ability for multiple users to access a deal at the same time is turned off, if User A is working in a deal and User B attempts to open the same deal, User B will receive an alert that User A is currently in the deal. User B will click Cancel to close the alert and return to the Deal Search screen. 


If User B needs immediate access to the deal but User A can't be reached or a lock error has occurred, a system administrator or user with the "Unlock Deal" permission under Deal Actions on the Sales page of the Security area can unlock the deal, giving User B (or any other user) immediate access to the deal.

Important:  If you have a user who performs as system administrator, you may wish to manually assign them this permission in their Employee Permissions page in Setup. However, it is strongly suggested that you assign this permission carefully and sparingly.

To unlock a deal, a user with the "Unlock Deal" permission will follow these steps:

Step 1. Search for the locked deal and click to open it. 

Step 2. The system will notify you that another user has the deal open. The notification will name the user who is currently in the deal. Click Unlock Deal to kick the user out of the deal. 

The deal will now be accessible to other users. Once another user opens the deal, all other users will be locked out until that user exits the deal.

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