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Creating User-Defined Forms Menus

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Forms menus can be used to create custom funding packets to organize your printing workflow. Create user-defined custom form menus to which you can add regularly used forms for various types of deals. Create your own menus based on how you want to organize your forms, such as by lender or deal type. These forms menus are then available on the Forms page of deals in the Sales application.

To create a menu, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click the Setup button in the blue navigation bar. The System Setup Information screen will open.

Note:  Only users with the appropriate roles and permissions can access the Setup application.

Step 2. Click the Sales button above the Dealership Summary Card. 

Step 3. The Sales setup menu will open. Select Forms


Step 4. The Forms setup screen will open. Click the Menus tab.


Step 5. On the Menus tab, click New Menu.


Step 6. The Add Forms Menu modal will open. In Menu Name, type a name for the menu you're creating. Make the name easily identifiable, as you will retrieve the forms menu using this name. 

Step 7. The Available Forms section lists all the forms in your system. To add a form to the menu, click on the form in the Available Forms window and click the right-pointing arrow to move it to the Selected Forms window. If you mistakenly move a form to the Selected Forms window and wish to remove it, simply click on the form in the Selected Forms window and click the left-pointing arrow to move it back to the Available Forms window. 

Step 8. Repeat Step 7 until you've added all the necessary forms. 

Step 9. To organize the forms, click and hold the order icon (three lines) to the left of a form name in the Selected Forms window and drag the form into the desired position. Repeat with the other forms in the menu until you're satisfied with the order. 

Step 10. When you're happy with the menu, click Save. The menu will be listed on the Menus tab of Forms setup and can be accessed on the Forms page of any deal. 

To learn how to use these user-defined forms menus, see the Knowledge Base article, "Accessing a Forms Menu."


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