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Performing a Bookout on the Fly

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The New Bookout button in the upper-right corner of the Appraisal Search and Inventory Search screens allows you to perform a bookout without accessing or creating a vehicle record. You can use it to quickly perform a bookout on a vehicle that isn't part of your inventory or customer records. 

appraisal_search_new_bookout_button.pngAppraisal Search Screen

vehicle_search_screen_quick_new_bookout.pngVehicle Search Screen

To perform a bookout using this button, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click New Bookout on the Vehicle Search or Appraisal Search screen. 

Step 2. Enter the vehicle's VIN to populate the vehicle information. The system may prompt you to select a trim.

Step 3. Type the current mileage in the Odometer field.

Step 4. Click Get Values. The system will pull the book values for the vehicle from the default book providers as it does for bookouts for customer and inventory vehicles. Review the information and print details as necessary.

Step 5. If the VIN was not already in your system, the modal will contain a Close button. Click Close.

However, if the VIN matches an existing vehicle record, you will instead see a Save and Close button. Click Save and Close, which will save the bookout to the existing vehicle record. 



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