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May 28, 2018 Release

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The latest release of Autosoft DMS contains features designed to help you control access to in-use deals and manage the forms you use most. 


Setup  Control access to in-use deals

Benefit:  Customize your store's workflows.

Details: A new specification has been added to the Dealership Settings to allow a store to control whether multiple users can access a deal simultaneously.  

The default for this control allows multiple users to simultaneously access a deal. With this default setting, the system will alert the user when the deal they're opening is currently in use by another user and allow them to continue the deal recall.

Changing the setting will lock in-use deals to prevent additional users from opening them and making changes that may contradict or override what another user is currently doing in the deal. A permission allows the dealership to grant users the power to unlock locked deals, thereby kicking the user who locked the deal out of the deal and allowing another user to open and adjust the deal. This may be necessary if the deal lock becomes stuck or the user who locked the deal isn't available to unlock it. 




The new "Unlock Deal" permission under Deal Actions on the Sales page of the Security area allows an administrative user with permissions to unlock the deal, giving a second user immediate access to the deal.

Important:  If you have a user who performs as system administrator, you may wish to manually assign them this permission in their Employee Permissions page in Setup. However, it is strongly suggested that you assign this permission carefully and sparingly.



Setup  User-Defined Forms menus added

Benefit:  Create custom funding packets to organize your printing workflow. 

Details: Enhancements have been made to the Forms setup to allow users to create custom form menus to which users can add regularly used forms for various types of deals. Create your own menus based on how you want to organize your forms, such as by lender or deal type. These forms menus are then available on the Forms page of deals in the Sales application.

Use the links below to view information for how to create and use forms menus. 

Creating User-Defined Forms Menus

Accessing a Forms Menu


Setup  Functionality added to set up separate fee defaults by deal and vehicle type 

Benefit:  Easily modify and apply variable deal fees based on the deal and vehicle type.

Details:  Enhancements to the Fees page of the Taxes & Fees setup allow advanced setup of variable fees based on vehicle type and deal type. Use the advanced setup on a basic fee to set more specific fees that vary for new and used vehicles and retail, lease, balloon, or cash deals. The appropriate variable fee will be applied to individual deals based on deal type and vehicle type, saving you time when building deals and providing more control over deal fees. You can still edit the fees on individual deals as needed. (See the next note, "Dealership-wide default fee control added," regarding dealership-wide defaults for pulling default fees when a deal type or vehicle type is changed on a fee.) Use the link below to learn how to add the advanced fee setup. 

Establishing Separate Fee Defaults by Deal and Vehicle Type



Setup  Dealership-wide default fee control added

Benefit:  Save time and avoid errors by setting a dealership-wide default to control whether the system automatically applies the appropriate fees when a deal's type or its vehicle type is changed.

Details:  A dealership-wide setting has been added to the Deal Defaults screen to allow users with appropriate permissions to determine whether the deal-type and vehicle-type specific fees are automatically applied when a deal's deal type or vehicle type are changed. 

The Retrieve Fee Defaults on Deal/Veh Type Change toggle is located in the General Defaults card. 

By default, Yes is selected in the toggle (noted by the blue highlight on the Yes side of the toggle). If Yes is selected, the system will automatically retrieve the appropriate default fee values set in your system when a deal's vehicle or deal type is changed. 

To change this setting, click the toggle to No. When No is selected, the system will not automatically retrieve defaulted fees when the deal type or vehicle type is changed on a deal.

If you selected No on the toggle, a new Retrieve Defaults button will appear in the lower-right corner of the Fees tab of the Taxes & Fees pop-up accessible from the Desking page of deals. Clicking this button manually retrieves deal fees based on any changes to the deal type or the deal's vehicle type. 


Sales  Top Salesperson graph now displays split deals

Benefit:  Get a full picture of exactly how many deals each of your top salespeople had a stake in. 

Details:  To better support split deals in which multiple salespeople played a role, the Top Salesperson graph on the Deal Search screen now uses decimals when necessary in the total number of vehicles each top salesperson has sold for the month-to-date. If the deal had a primary and secondary salesperson, each will receive a 0.5 credit for the sale in the Top Salesperson graph. If three salespeople were part of the deal, each will receive a 0.3 credit. The split in the graph will always be even. Prior to this change, the primary salesperson was given full credit for the sale, even when multiple salespeople were involved.

Note:  This enhancement doesn't affect the commissioning in multiple-salesperson deals. The dealer must still manually assign a (50/50 or other percentage) split for commissions among the salespeople.


Sales  Additional tax rate fields added to accommodate lease deal taxes

Benefit:  Ensure the appropriate tax rates are applied to every deal.

Details:  Additional tax fields have been added to ensure that users apply the appropriate tax rates to deals if a state collects a separate lease tax from the state's sales tax. The state tax card of a deal's Taxes pop-up previously contained only a primary Rate field and an Alt Rate field. Now, the card contains Sales Tax Rate, MV (Motor Vehicle) Tax Rate, and Total Tax Rate fields.


The Sales Tax Rate field contains the state's primary tax rate and is overwritten by the rate pulled using the tax decoder (based on Zip code, street address, etc.). The MV Tax Rate field, which is only available on lease deals, allows you to manually enter the state's lease tax rate. This field is never overwritten by the tax decoder. The Total Tax Rate field displays the sum of the Sales Tax Rate and MV Tax Rate. 

These fields are populated based on the rates you've entered in the state tax card on the Taxes & Fees page of Sales Setup. Therefore, if you've established a Rate and/or Alternate Rate in the Lease column that combines the state tax rate and an additional lease tax rate, you'll have to edit the Lease column's Rate and lease Alternate Rate fields to contain only the tax rate that applies to a lease deal. 

For example, if your state's sales tax rate is 6% but the total tax rate for a lease in your state is 9%, you would enter 6% in the Sales Tax Rate field, and 3% in the MV Tax Rate field. The system will calculate a total tax of 9%. The 6% sales tax rate may change based on the lessee's county or city of residence when you perform a Zip decode, but the 3% lease tax will remain. 


Sales  Ability to search deals by Vehicle Info column added

Benefit:  Quickly locate a deal you're looking for by searching for the deal vehicle.  

Details:  The Deal Search screen's omni search bar now enables searching by deal vehicle. If a user types the deal vehicle's year, make, or model or any combination of the information into the omni search bar, the system will search deals using the data in the Vehicle Info column, and a list of deals containing the search term will populate the screen. 


Sales  Functionality added to allow all Desking screen pop-ups to be opened on finished deals

Benefit:  Quickly review all desking figures on finished deals right from the Desking screen.

Details:  The Desking screen has been updated to allow users to open all pop-ups on the Desking screen after a deal has been finished. The pop-ups are read-only in finished deals, so opening the pop-ups at this point allows for review only, not updates. This can be helpful when a biller reviews deals for rebates, taxes and fees, and other purposes while posting the deal. 


Inventory Management  Average Price and Average Margin added to Inventory Pricing Review

Benefit:  Access a fuller understanding of your average used inventory pricing and profit margin by various category filters.

Details:  Additional information has been added to the Inventory Management product's Inventory Pricing Review screen. At the bottom of the screen, the Average Price of displayed vehicles has been added under the Price column, while the Average Margin of displayed vehicles has been added under the Profit column. 

Average Price is calculated by totaling the prices of the displayed vehicles and dividing the sum by the number of displayed vehicles for which pricing is available. The Average Margin is calculated by adding the profits of displayed vehicles which have both accounting cost and prices displayed and dividing the figure by the number of vehicles which have both accounting cost and prices displayed. 


Inventory Management  Average Profit added to Inventory Aging widget in Inventory Dashboard

Benefit:  See your inventory's profit margin trends by aging category at a glance.

Details:  The Inventory Aging widget within the Inventory Dashboard (part of Autosoft Inventory Management) now provides the average profit per unit in every aging category. Hovering over an aging category reveals the number of vehicles in the category, the average profit, average cost, and total cost.  


Bookout & Inventory Management  New Bookout button added to Appraisal Search and Inventory Search screens

Benefit:  Perform a bookout on a vehicle outside of a vehicle record.

Details:  The New Bookout button in the upper-right corner of the Appraisal Search and Inventory Search screens allows users to perform a bookout without accessing or creating a vehicle record. 



Marketplace  Licensing available for mobile access to book providers Black Book and NADA

Benefit:  Add as many Black Book and NADA mobile licenses as necessary for your dealership's Autosoft Inventory Management Mobile application users directly from Autosoft's Marketplace. 

Details:  Both Black Book and NADA Used Car Guide require individual licenses for each user of the book providers in the Autosoft Inventory Management Mobile app, even if your dealership has a license to use the book providers in Autosoft's Bookout and Inventory Management applications within the desktop version of Autosoft DMS. So Autosoft's Marketplace now allows you to make in-app purchases of and immediately activate the Black Book and NADA Used Car Guide book providers for selected users in the Autosoft Inventory Management Mobile app. Use the link below to access instructions for purchasing the mobile licenses. 

 Purchasing Black Book and NADA Used Car Guide Mobile Licenses from the Marketplace


Usability Improvements

  • A hover feature has been added to the Autosoft Marketplace to clearly direct users to click the item for more information about the tool or integration. From the secondary screen that opens, users can purchase the tool or integration. 
  • Changes ensure that all Autosoft Marketplace order numbers are unique and can more effectively be tracked.
  • Tab order improvements were made to the Desking page. These enhancements also allow users to tab out of drop-down menus.  
  • An issue has been resolved to prevent errors when flagging pages as favorites. 
  • Updates have improved the performance of the re-ordering feature in the External tab of the Favorites pop-up. 
  • Modifications have improved the display of notifications.
  • The calendar feature in date entry fields now requires the user to click on the calendar icon to open the calendar. This improves the experience of adding distant dates to vehicle, customer, and deal records. 
  • An update has improved the transfer of selected information when merging a secondary customer record with a primary record.
  • Adjustments prevent the default store field from being cleared when saving changes to an employee record in Setup.  
  • Changes have been made to accept email addresses at vanity domains to be entered in the Account Email field of the Account page within the Employee area of Setup.
  • We've addressed an issue in which erroneously entering an already-in-use Employee Number for a new employee was preventing saving the new employee data after correcting the error. 
  • An Employee Number column has been added to the Employee Search screen, allowing users to search their employee lists using the two-digit employee number that appears in the Employee Quick-look Card and Detail page of the employee record. 
  • Adjustments have been made to the Employee Sequence Number Export accessible from the Exports page of Sales Setup. The export now includes the Accounting Employee ID column, which holds the employee number for each employee. 
  • Modifications ensure that confirmation emails are sent when user emails are changed in the Employees area of Setup. 
  • An issue has been resolved to prevent errors when opening the Roles page within the Security area of Setup.
  • A change has been made to lock the Third-Party deal source in Setup's Sales area's Sources page. This prevents users from renaming the source, which creates issues when third parties push in deals through APIs. However, users can change the source after the deal is pushed into Autosoft DMS. 
  • Adjustments have been made to better order the states and territories in the Select State menu within the Taxes & Fees page of Setup's Sales area. A typeahead feature has also been added to the field, allowing the list of states and territories to be limited based on the first few letters you type in the field. 
  • Updates ensure that new coverage providers can be added without system errors in Setup's Sales area.
  • The functionality to clear the Select State field in the Taxes & Fees page of Setup's Sales area has been removed.
  • An issue has been addressed to ensure the Default in Payment settings in coverage providers' coverage plans within the Sales area of Setup are honored in deals.
  • Modifications have been made to ensure that inactive employees aren't included in the Active Employees list on the Roles page of Setup's Security area. 
  • A system-wide adjustment has been made to ensure that only the states and provinces that begin with the letter you enter into the State field of addresses populate the shortlist of applicable selection options.
  • Changes ensure that when a customer vehicle is added into inventory through dealership purchase or trade-in and the Owner Status field is updated from Current Owner to Previous Owner, the Owner Status of Previous Owner holds when opening the vehicle record.
  • To standardize fuel type entry for vehicles, the Fuel Type field in any vehicle screen throughout the system has been changed to a drop-down menu containing a wide range of fuel options. 
  • Updates ensure that the system's VIN decoder correctly decodes the Class field for motorcycles.
  • Changes ensure the AutoCheck tool in vehicle records is working correctly. 
  • Adjustments have been made to allow standalone dealers to access the Invoice and Holdback fields when adding a used vehicle to inventory. 
  • Updates prevent system errors from occurring when dealerships set a future date for a vehicle's Stock In Date while adding pending vehicles to inventory.
  • Changes prevent several copies of the same note from being saved to a customer record if the user clicks Save and Close multiple times in quick succession.  
  • Modifications have been made to display customers' middle names at the top of the Customer Summary Card, Buyer and Co-Buyer cards within deals, and in the Customer Quick-Look card on the Customer Search screen.  
  • Adjustments ensure the year, make, and model of customer vehicles display when viewing Customer Quick-Look cards from the Add Buyer pop-up within deals. 
  • An update ensures that only one Add Note pop-up opens when the Add Note button on the Activity page of a customer record is pressed multiple times in quick succession. 
  • The buyer name in a minimized, or collapsed, Deal Summary Card has been made into a hyperlink to reflect the functionality that's available when the full Deal Summary Card is displayed in deals. The hyperlink brings the user to the customer record for the buyer.
  • Updates ensure collapsed Deal Summary Cards properly displays the Vehicle stock number, year, make, and model. 
  • An issue has been addressed to ensure the Trade selection field is present in the Deal Information pop-up when a deal is started from a customer record in which vehicles are listed.
  • A Disposition field has been added to the Vehicle Details card of trade vehicle records. This field allows the user to select Retail or Wholesale as the trade vehicle's selling disposition when reviewing a trade vehicle's Vehicle Details or adding a new trade vehicle. When adding a trade manually, the field will default to Retail. When the trade is added through an appraisal in Inventory Management, the disposition value is pulled from the Disposition selected in the appraisal.
  • Updates ensure the Buyer selection menu is present in the deal information pop-up when creating a deal from a customer vehicle record. 
  • An issue has been addressed to ensure users can save vehicles added to a customer record when the VIN decoder is used and the vehicle has a longer warranty.
  • Changes prevent a system error from occurring when starting a new deal from a customer vehicle record.
  • Modifications have resolved issues with buyer and co-buyer data when adding a new customer to a deal as a co-buyer.
  • Adjustments ensure the County field populated by the Zip decoder when adding a new customer as a buyer in a deal is saved to the Buyer card. A Zip decoder also uses the buyer's county to calculate sales tax on the deal. 
  • Changes have been made to ensure the Save prompt functions appropriately when navigating away from a finished deal's Desking page to the Overview page after making a change. 
  • Updates ensure that bank's mileage fee defaults populate when a bank is selected in a deal and then the deal type is changed to Lease. 
  • Modifications ensure the fee setup is honored when a deal is pushed into Autosoft DMS from a third party for a state that has both new and used inspections. 
  • Changes ensure that when a user chooses to edit a finished deal, the Vehicle page of the deal is unlocked for editing. 
  • An issue has been addressed to ensure the purchase date alert does not reappear on the Deal Search screen after having addressed the alert in the deal and saving before returning to the Deal Search screen. 
  • Updates ensure the salesperson is listed in deal quick-look cards accessed from the Deal Search screen and in the collapsed Deal Summary Card of the deal record. 
  • Adjustments have been made to improve the calculation of Life Insurance and Accidental & Health Insurance premium calculations. 
  • Modifications have been made to ensure the Default in Payment toggles in Setup default to Yes when adding coverage plans, front options, and back options. When any of those options are later added to a deal, the Payment toggle will then default to the "On" position.  Additionally, when adding front options that aren't already in the typeahead options to deals on the fly, the Payment toggle will default to the "On" position (blue background), indicating the option will be included in recurring payments. 
  • Issues have been addressed to improve the display of results when searching for vehicles.
  • An improvement has been made to take users employing the Dealertrack integration directly to the Dealertrack login screen upon clicking the globe icon to the right of the Integration Organization field after selecting Dealertrack from the field's drop-down menu.
  • Changes have been made to improve the Customer Search function.
  • Modifications have ensured the fly-out menu for the Sales application button in the main navigation bar is disabled for users who do not have permission to access the Sales app.  
  • An adjustment ensures the Base Payment and Monthly Tax fields in the Payment pop-up of a lease deal are read-only. 
  • Updates have been made to ensure that the Desking screen's Selling Price pop-up is read-only when finished deals are accessed in Internet Explorer.
  • An issue has been addressed to ensure notes entered on the Desking screen are not duplicated if the Save and Close button for a note is clicked multiple times.
  • Updates ensure the Residual Percentage figure in lease or balloon deals updates when the MSRP or Base Residual fields are altered. 
  • Enhancements prevent errors from occurring when saving deals in which a payment type is null.
  • An adjustment ensures that GAP on lease deals is calculated correctly when added to a deal. 
  • Changes have improved the performance of the roll feature for lease deals.
  • Modifications ensure that coverage plan taxes are itemized correctly in Taxes & Fees pop-up of a deal.
  • Adjustments have been made to ensure the number entered in the Days to First Pay field holds after navigating away from the Desking screen. Additionally, updates have ensured the payment calculates correctly when the number entered in the Days to First Pay field is changed.
  • Changes ensure that the date entered in the Payment Date field on a deal's Desking screen remains the same when printing the deal forms.
  • Modifications ensure that a bank fee added to a deal through the Desking screen's Fees pop-up pulls to forms.
  • Updates ensure the addition or removal of trades in deal scenarios function as expected. 
  • Improvements have been made to ensure the Recap page in working deals performs as it should.  
  • Adjustments prevent errors from occurring when users edit information in working deals.
  • Changes have been made to ensure the advanced search feature performs as expected when used in the Vehicle page of a deal. 
  • Updates to the month-to-date Deal Snapshot on the Deal Search screen ensure the snapshot is resetting at midnight in each time zone. 
  • Modifications have been made to improve the reporting in the Sales graphs on the Deal Search screen. 
  • Changes ensure that the Deals Lost After Inactive parameter is appropriately marking deals as lost based on the date set by the dealership.
  • The Details pop-up of the Kelley Blue Book provider card in Bookout and Inventory Management has been updated to omit any adds/deducts with $0 values. This reduces the scrolling required if the list of adds/deducts is lengthy. 
  • Modifications ensure that the Manheim Market Report book provider card is consistently updating or pulling values to the Inventory Pricing Review grid when a used vehicle is booked out directly from the Autosoft Market Analysis tool.
  • An issue has been addressed to allow the Trim field in the Manheim Market Report book provider card to be changed after an appraisal has been saved and closed (but not completed) and re-opened for editing. Another issue has been resolved to prevent the Trim field in the provider card from being locked when a saved appraisal was edited and the vehicle model was changed.
  • Updates have improved the performance of Autosoft Market Analysis in Internet Explorer. 
  • Changes have been made to improve how new bookouts display after changing defaults. 
  • Adjustments ensure that the Vehicle Bookout Defaults and Max Advance defaults established in Setup function as they should when a dealership employs Bookout without Inventory Management. 
  • An issue has been addressed to ensure bookouts will not be generated if the Zip Code field is blank. 
  • Updates have improved the search feature in the Inventory Pricing Review screen.
  • The Appraisal Search screen's search function has been improved. 
  • Changes have been made to prevent an error from occurring after a selected vehicle make is removed using the Make field's X on the Appraisal Search screen. 
  • Updates ensure that the Print icon appears in the upper-right corner of book providers when appraisals are performed from the Appraisal Search screen.
  • Adjustments have been made to allow bookout printing only when the bookout vehicle's VIN is already in the system. When booking out a vehicle for which the VIN is not already in the system, the Print icons in the Bookout pop-up will not be present. 
  • Modifications prevent errors when using the Print icon in book provider cards in the Bookout and Appraisal tools. 
  • An issue has been addressed to prevent an error message when opening completed appraisals from the Appraisal Search screen.  
  • Updates ensure that changing the customer on a customer vehicle appraisal results in both the previous and current customer being listed as owners and drivers of the vehicle.
  • Error messages that occurred when printing the Autosoft Market Analysis have been resolved.
  • Adjustments have been made to omit book providers to which users are not subscribed from being listed as options in the Book Providers menu within the Bookout tool.
  • Updates ensure bookouts can be performed on vehicles with saved bookouts in which a book provider did not respond. 
  • Modifications ensure that any updates to the Odometer field in a vehicle record are pulled to the Odometer field in the Desking Bookout pop-up. 
  • Changes have addressed an issue in which "+/- null" appeared in the Odometer Range of the Autosoft Market Analysis card after viewing the Autosoft Market Analysis in a new appraisal, saving and closing the appraisal, and then returning to the appraisal to edit it.
  • Adjustments have improved the printing of the Autosoft Market Analysis from bookouts and appraisals. 
  • Updates to the Black Book Price Point book provider card in the Appraisal screen ensure that "National" displays in the State field when selected. An error has also been addressed to prevent the ZIP code doesn't appear in the State field when using Black Book Price Point for bookouts and appraisals. 
  • An issue in Inventory Management has been addressed to ensure appraisals created before vehicles were part of inventory are accessible once the vehicle is part of inventory. 
  • A modification has been made to improve the saving of notes entered in appraisals.
  • An issue has been addressed to improve the Appraisal and Retail Comparison Book Value selection process while performing an appraisal.
  • Changes ensure all data entered for an appraisal created using the Autosoft Inventory Management mobile app is accessible when the appraisal is opened in the web version of Inventory Management. 
  • Updates ensure that an "unsuccessful" message will be triggered when attempting to perform a pricing review update on a vehicle that does not have an existing bookout using the Inventory Pricing Review default wholesale/retail book provider.
  • Adjustments ensure the vehicle make is included in the quick-look card that opens when clicking on a vehicle in the Inventory Pricing Review screen.
  • Changes ensure the non-default filters set while performing an Autosoft Market Analysis bookout on a vehicle hold when later performing a Pricing Review bookout for the vehicle after batch updating.
  • An issue has been resolved to prevent errors when performing an Inventory Pricing Review on selected vehicles.
  • Updates prevent critical errors from occurring when manually entering an erroneous vehicle (vehicle make and model that was not produced in the year you've selected) for bookout or appraisal. 
  • Changes allow for better migration of deal information for new Autosoft Sales and F&I dealerships. 
  • Modifications allow for the seamless download of up to 400 deals for third-party integration purposes. 


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