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Understanding the Deal Overview Page

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When you open an existing deal, the deal opens to the Overview page, which summarizes the deal. When you start a new deal (which will open to the Desking page), the Overview page will be blank. As you work through the various pages of the deal using the buttons in the bar below the Deal Summary Card, the Overview page will reflect the additions and changes you make to the deal. 

The Overview page is comprised of various cards. The number and content of the cards depend on the particular deal. The Buyer card includes contact information for the buyer, as well as for the co-buyer--if there is one. This is the top card, making for ease of access to that contact information in the event you need to contact the buyer or co-buyer. 

The Deal card provides all the basic deal information, from the vehicle data to the selling price, deal terms, cash down, and monthly payment.

The Vehicle Insurance card will display the information you entered from the Vehicle Insurance pop-up accessible through the deal's Desking, Vehicle, Buyer, or Trade pages. 

Any trades, options, coverage, credit insurance, and life and A&H plans added to the deal will populate cards named respectively.


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