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Adding Vehicle Insurance Agents

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Once you've added vehicle insurance companies to the Setup application, you can add vehicle insurance agents to the app. The vehicle insurance information you add in the Setup app feeds the options menus in the Desking page of deals in the Sales app.

Note:  Only users with the appropriate permissions can perform this function.

Step 1. Click on the Setup app button in the main navigation bar. The Setup app will open to the Dealership Information page.

Step 2. Click the Sales button from the horizontal button bar running across the top of the screen. The Sales options drop-down menu will open.

Step 3. Select Veh. Insurance Agents from the Sales options menu. The Veh. Insurance Agents screen will open.

Step 4. Click the New Agent button in the upper-right corner of the screen. The Add Insurance Agent pop-up will open. 

Step 5. Type the agent's name in the Name field. This is required. 

Step 6. Use the Insurance Company field's options button to open a drop-down menu containing the active vehicle insurance companies created in the Setup app. Click on the agent's insurance company from the list. 

Step 7. Continue adding the insurance agent's address and phone and fax numbers.

The toggle in the upper-right corner will default to the Active position. Do not change this for new agents. 

Step 8. Click Save and Close. The agent will appear in the Vehicle Insurance Agent list and will now be accessible to users in the Sales app.



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