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Adding a Credit Insurance Plan

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During system setup, you can create credit insurance plans that can easily be applied to deals.

Note:  Only users with appropriate permissions can perform this function.

Step 1. Click on the Setup app button in the main navigation bar. The Setup app will open to the Dealership Information page.

Step 2. Click the Sales button from the horizontal button bar running across the top of the screen. The Sales options drop-down menu will open.

Step 3. Select Credit Insurance from the Sales options menu. The Credit Insurance screen will open. 


Step 4. Click the New Plan button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Step 5. A new Life AH screen will open to the Overview page. The summary card at the top of the screen will be blank, and the title will read "Inactive." Begin entering data into the Overview page.

Step 6. Enter a name for the coverage plan using the Name field. 

Step 7. Click the options button in the Provider field to open a drop-down list of providers and select the provider offering the coverage. 

Step 8. Click the options button in the Calculation field to open a drop-down list of state calculations and select the one you wish to assign to this plan. 

Step 9. Type the Group Number.

Step 10. Enter data into the remaining fields. Use the Default in Deal toggle to determine if the coverage plan will automatically be applied to new deals. If Yes is blue, it will default in deals; if No is blue, it will not. 

Step 11. Click Save. The plan name will appear in the summary card at the top of the screen, replacing "Inactive." 

Step 12. Click the Life Insurance button under the summary card to enter the specifics for the provider's life insurance plan. The Life Insurance page will open.


Step 13. Enter the plan name in the Name field. This is a required field.

Step 14. Type the reserve in the Reserve field. This is an optional field.

Step 15. Use the options caret in the Life Type field to open a drop-down options menu. Select Decreasing - Gross, Decreasing - Net, or Level. If you do not make a selection in this field, it will default to Decreasing - Gross. 

Step 16. Use the Cover Applicant and Cover Co-Applicant toggles to determine if the coverage will be applied to the applicant, co-applicant, or both. 

Step 17. Click Save.

Step 18. Click the Accident and Health Insurance button to enter details for A&H coverage.


Step 19. In the Name field, enter the accident and health insurance plan name. This is a required field.

Step 20. In the Reserve field, enter the reserve.

Step 21. Use the A&H Type field's options caret to open a list of options and select Retro or Non Retro. If you do not make a selection, the system will default to Retro.

Step 22. In the Days field, click the options caret to select the length of the waiting period, which will default to 7 if you do not make a selection. Choose from 7, 14, or 30

Step 23. Use the options caret in the Critical Period field to select 12 Month, 24 Month, 36 Month, or 48 Month. If you do not choose a period, the field will default to None

Step 24. Use the Cover Applicant and Cover Co-Applicant toggles to default the coverage you want for this plan.

Step 25. Click Save




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