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Setting Employee Permissions

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You can use the Setup app to determine your employees' user rights and system access. This is easily done for new and existing customers using the Permissions page of their employee record. 

Step 1. Click the Setup app button in the main navigation bar. The Setup application will open to the Dealership Information page.

Step 2. Click the Employees button in the horizontal button bar along the top of the page. The Employee Search screen containing the list of your dealership's employees will open.

Step 3. Search for and open an existing employee record or click New Employee to begin creating a new employee record.

Step 4. Once you're in the employee record, click the Permissions button in the button bar below the Employee Summary Card. The employee record's Permissions page will open.

Permissions are organized per system application. You can scroll through the list of permissions using the scroll bar on the right side of the list. If a permission box in the right column is marked with a checkmark, the employee will be able to access that information or perform that function. If it's blank, the employee can't access that information or perform that function.


Step 5. The role you assigned to the employee while establishing the record will appear in the Assigned Role field. However, you can change the employee's permissions to those of another role by clicking the field's options button. A drop-down menu of roles will open. You can select a new role by clicking on it in the drop-down list. 

The standard roles are listed below. However, you can create new roles in the Security portion of Setup.

  • Dealer Principal: This role grants full access to the program, including the ability to access the Employees section of Setup, thereby allowing the role to control user accounts. 
  • Finance Admin: This grants full access to the program; however, Admin rights exclude those associated with the Employee section of Setup. 
  • Finance Restricted: This grants full access to all sales and finance information in deals but restricts access to Setup.
  • Sales Admin: This grants access to all sales information but restricts access to finance.
  • Sales Desking: This grants access to both the basic sales information and the Desking page of deals.
  • Sales Restricted: This grants access to basic sales information only.
Important:  The role you set here does not change the employee's title in their employee record. If you wish to change the employee's title, you will have to do that in the Title field in the Employee Information card on the Detail page of the employee record. 

The role assigned to the employee is important on this page because permissions have been preset by your system administrator based on role. This will save you time when establishing individual employees' permissions, as you will not have to select every permission the employee should have. You can, however, edit the preset permissions to tailor them to the individual employee. 

Step 6. When you change the assigned role, a pop-up will notify you that changing the role will clear any overrides that have been made to the role for the employee. If you wish to proceed, click Clear. The preset permissions for that new role will populate the screen.

Step 7. If the employee should have additional permissions to those of other employees with that assigned role or fewer permissions than that role entitles, you can override the preset permissions for that role. These changes will only apply to this individual employee.  

To remove a permission from the individual employee, click the checkmarked box in the right column to clear the box. 

To add a permission for the employee, click the empty permission box to check it. 

Step 8. Click Save in the lower-right corner of the screen to save all changes you've made.

Optional Steps
If you've made changes to an employee's role-based permissions, you can reset those overrides and return to the preset role-based permissions. To do this, click the Reset Overrides button beneath the Assigned Role field. 

When you click this button, a pop-up will ask you to verify that you want to clear all overrides for the employee. Click Clear to continue or Cancel to stop. If you choose not to clear all the overrides, you can revoke individual permissions you no longer want an employee to have while maintaining others. 


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