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Adding Coverage Providers

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coverage_provider_search_screen.JPGCoverage providers are the vendors who provide the products you sell to customers during the deal. Once you add coverage providers to the Setup, you can then add the Gap, service, warranty, and maintenance plans the providers offer.

Note:  Only users with appropriate permissions can perform this function.

Step 1. Click on the Setup app button in the main navigation bar. The Setup app will open to the Dealership Information page.

Step 2. Click the Sales button from the horizontal button bar running across the top of the screen. The Sales options drop-down menu will open.

Step 3. Select Coverage Providers from the Sales options menu. The Coverage Providers Search screen will open. 

Step 4. Click the New Coverage Provider button in the upper-right corner of the screen. A blank New Coverage Provider screen will open to the Overview page. 

Step 5. In the Overview card, type the provider’s name in the Name field. This is a required entry.

Step 6. Type the provider’s dealer number in the Dealer Number field. 

Step 7. If this is a manufacturer coverage provider, click the Manufacturer toggle to Yes. The Yes side of the toggle will be blue when it's been selected.

Step 8. The remaining information in the Overview card is optional. However, if you add an address, the State field is required.

Step 9. The screen's remaining cards include Gap Plan Information, Maintenance Plan Information, Service Plan Information, and Warranty Plan Information. Fill these cards as necessary depending on the type of coverage the provider offers. 

Step 10. Use the various account number fields in the necessary cards to specify the general ledger account numbers used to post services to the books in the Autosoft DMS Accounting module. If you specify the account numbers in these fields, the item will automatically post to the specified accounts using the selected control.

Step 11. Use the Tax Defaults drop-down menus in each card to specify the taxing that applies to the item. (The Calculation Gap and Gap Reserve fields apply to Texas only.)

Step 12. Click Save to save the information. A green “Success” message will verify the information has been saved.

Once you've saved the new coverage provider, you will be able to enter the provider's various plans. The Gap Plans, Maintenance Plans, Service Plans, and Warranty Plans buttons under the Coverage Provider Summary Card will now be clickable. Use the various pages as necessary depending on the types of coverage the provider offers. For more information on adding coverage plans, see the Knowledge Base article, "Adding Coverage Plans."


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