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Setting an Employee's Commissioning Rates

Autosoft -

You can use the Setup app to set your employees' commissioning information. This is easily done for new and existing customers using the Accounting page of their employee record. 

Step 1. Click the Setup app button in the main navigation bar. The Setup application will open to the Dealership Information page.

Step 2. Click the Employees button in the horizontal button bar along the top of the page. The Employee Search screen containing the list of your dealership's employees will open.

Step 3. Search for and open an existing employee record or click New Employee to begin creating a new employee record.

Step 4. Once you're in the customer record, click the Accounting button in the button bar below the Employee Summary Card. The employee record's Accounting page will open, containing the Commissioning card.


Step 5. The page has lines for front end commission, back end commission, and reserve. To activate these commissions, click the toggle on the left side of the commission or commissions that apply to the employee. This will mark the commission as "Active." Clicking the toggle on an "Active" commission will change it to "Inactive."

Step 6. Enter the percentage for the applicable commission or commissions. You can also add a minimum for each commission to ensure that the employee is paid at least that amount of commission on applicable deals. 

Step 7. Click Save. A green "Success" message verifies the changes have been saved. 

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