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Customizing Menu Selling Disclosures

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You have the option of using installed disclosures provided by Autosoft or typing your own disclosures. You will need to set a disclosure for each deal type.

Step 1. Click the Setup App button in the main navigation bar. The Setup Dashboard will open to the Dealership page.

Step 2. Click the Sales button along the top of the screen. The Sales options drop-down menu will open. 

Step 3. Select Menu Selling from the Sales options menu. The Menu Selling Defaults screen will open. 

Step 4. Click the Disclosures button in the horizontal button bar. The Disclosures page will open, containing text boxes for each deal type (retail, lease, cash, balloon). 

Step 5. Type disclosures for each deal type in their respective text boxes. 

If you prefer to use the installed disclosures, click Reset to load the disclosure. The disclosure will populate the screen. Edit these preloaded disclosures as needed. You can click to reset the disclosure to the preloaded text at any time.

Step 6. Click Save to save the information. A green “Success” message verifies the information has been saved.


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