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Setting Up Menu Selling

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Menu Selling allows you to print fully customizable menus with a clean, professional presentation in seconds. It allows your team to consistently offer all available F&I products in a simple, clear format every customer can understand.

You will need to complete setup information for Menu Selling. This includes determining the information you want to print on the forms and customizing the disclosures. You will also create your Menu Selling templates. You can create unlimited templates. For each template, specify which back options pull to the template. You must have the appropriate administrative role to set these defaults and create templates.

Step 1. Click the Setup application button in the main navigation bar. 

Step 2. Click the Sales button in the button bar at the top of the screen. A drop-down menu of options will open.

Step 3. Select Menu Selling from the Sales options list. The Menu Selling Defaults page opens. 

Step 4. In the Product Headers card, type the descriptions you wish to print for each type of coverage.

Step 5. In the Payment Options card, use the Include drop-down options menu to select the amount you wish to print per product on the form: No Amounts, Amount per Day, Amount per Week, or Amount per Month.

Step 6. Use the Total Product Amount toggle to allow or exclude the total product amount from printing on the form. When the toggle is on the right and the background is blue, the total product amount will be included.

Step 7. Click the Payment Variance toggle to the right to allow you to specify the variance. If you turn on this option, you can specify the variance you would like to use on the form in the field to the right.

Step 8. Use the Finance Print Options card to select the items you wish to print on the form. To include an item, click its toggle to the right so that the background is blue.

Step 9. Click Save to save the information. A green “Success” message verifies the information has been saved.


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