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Setting Up Sales Tools

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The suite of Sales Tools in the Sales App can help you better inform your customer and increase your chances of making a sale. But before you use the tools, you can set up some defaults that will make these tools even more efficient. 

Note:  You must have permission to access the Setup application.  

Step 1. Click the Setup app button in the main navigation bar. 

Step 2. The Setup application will open to the Dealership Information page. Click the Sales button along the top of the screen to open the Sales setup menu. 

Step 3. Select Sales Tools from the menu. The Sales Tools setup screen will open. 

Step 4. If you want to set defaults for the Fuel Comparison tool, use the Fuel Comparison Analysis card to do so. While the field says "Today's Fuel Cost," you may only want to update the fuel cost on a weekly basis. If you're not sure what the average gas prices are, you can use the figures posted in the Published Prices card for an average figure.

The Estimated Annual Inflation field is important for showing the longer-term fuel savings on a new vehicle. We recommend a 3-percent inflation rate. 

Also, because each customer's average miles driven per year will be different, you may or may not wish to enter a figure in the Estimated Miles Driven/Year field. 

Step 5. Use the Payment Estimator Range card to set range defaults for the Payment Estimator tool. Here, you can enter a percentage range and a dollar range that will be applied when the user chooses to use a range in the Payment Estimator feature. 

Step 6. Click Save. A green "Success" message will verify that the changes have been saved.



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