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Creating Scenarios

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The Scenarios feature helps you fine-tune any deal. After you've established the initial deal based on your conversation with the customer, you can use Scenarios to alter the details of the deal to offer the customer options that may make finalizing the sale more likely. 

Step 1. While in the deal you are working, hover over the Desking button to open the Desking options menu.

Step 2. Select Scenarios in the Desking options menu. The Scenarios page will open, and the base deal you’ve structured with your customer on the Desking page will appear as the Initial scenario.

You can make adjustments within the Initial scenario here without affecting the base deal. Adjust as necessary to show your customer different options. 


Step 3. To add a new scenario, click the Load Scenario options button to the right of the Initial scenario.

Step 4. The Load Scenario options menu will open. Use this menu to determine on which existing scenario your new scenario will be based. Choose to start a new scenario using the Base Deal as the foundation or the Initial scenario you've created from the Base Deal. As you continue to create scenarios, additional options will populate the menu. 

Step 5. Depending on your choice, a new scenario will open to the right of the initial scenario containing the base deal information or the edited deal information from the Initial scenario. You can change a scenario’s name at any time by clicking in the field at the very top of the scenario and typing a new name for the individual scenario. This may make the scenarios easier to identify.


Step 6. Adjust the information from the existing scenario within the new scenario.

  • Within the Vehicle section, you can use drop-down menus to select a different vehicle or to change the Deal Type (Balloon, Cash, Lease, or Retail). 
  • In the Financing section, you can choose a different lender from the Lender menu and adjust the APR or Money FactorTermPayment Type, and Residual
  • Within the Pricing portion of the scenario, you can alter the vehicle's MSRP, as well as the Base Price, Discount, Rebate, and Cash applied to the deal. 
  • Options can be removed or restored by clicking on the toggle to the left of each item in the Options section. You can click the pop-up arrow to open the Options pop-up, where you can add new front and back options.
  • The Coverages area displays all insurance and extended warranty coverage added to the deal, which can each be removed from or restored to the scenario using the toggle to the left of an item. To add a new type of coverage, click the pop-up arrow, which will open the Coverages and Credit Insurance pop-up. 
  • Insurance, if added to the original deal, can be removed or restored using the toggle to the left of each insurance product. You can add new credit insurance using the pop-up arrow in the section, which will open the Coverages and Credit Insurance pop-up.
  • You can remove trades or alter trade allowances within the Trades area of a scenario. To add a trade, click the blue + button. To remove a trade, click the gray - button. 

Step 7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 to create a total of up to four scenarios, choosing the base scenario that is closest to the scenario you’d like to create. As you make changes and enter through the fields, the monthly payment displayed at the top of the scenario also changes. 

Step 8. If you make a change to one line of a single scenario and want to apply that change to all the scenarios, hover to the right of the line you've changed and a set of Apply to All buttons will appear. Click the Apply to All button to the right of the item you wish to apply to all the scenarios. The line in each scenario will change to match the one you've already changed.  


Step 9. Only four scenarios may be viewed on screen at a time and printed side by side using the Print button in the upper-left corner of the page. If you've chosen in Setup to use the default scenarios printout provided by Autosoft, the scenarios will print using that format. However, if you've set a customized scenario printout as the default in Setup, the customized version will print. 

You can also save the scenarios for the deal using the Save button to the right of the Print button. 

Resetting a Scenario:  To reset a scenario to the original data from the base scenario, click Reset at the top-left of the individual scenario. Any changes you've made to the base scenario will be reversed. 

To learn more about using Scenarios, search the Knowledge Base for Scenarios and read full directions on applying scenarios, switching scenarios on a deal, and deleting scenarios. 


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