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Using the Social Media Button

Autosoft -

Use the Social Media button to discover the social media accounts associated with a customer's email address. This pulls any personal information in those accounts to your customer's record or compares what you've entered for the customer with the information available in those accounts. You can also select from a customer's social media profile images for use as a profile image in Sales and F&I.  

For existing customers, you'll find a Social Media button in the Basic Information card on the Detail page of the customer record. 

Step 1. Using the Customer Search screen, search for the customer for whom you would like to add information from social media. 

Step 2. When the customer record opens, click on the Detail button.

Step 3. Inside the Basic Information card, click the Social Media button. The Social Media pop-up will open.

Step 4. The customer's email address will be listed in the Email Address field. If you wish to search for social media accounts using a different email address, type it here. Click Search Web

Step 5. If no social media accounts are found connected to that email, the pop-up will display a message informing you of that. This may happen if the customer has no social media accounts or has used the various social media sites' privacy settings to make their account/s private. Click Cancel to close the Social Media pop-up. 

If the search returns results, the pop-up will expand to include the Customer's Social Media Information card and Customer's Social Media Profile Images card. 

If any of the information found for the customer in their social media accounts differs from what you've entered for the customer, the Customer's Social Media Information card will list the varying information. If you wish to replace some or all of the information in the customer record with the information found in the customer's social media accounts, click the checkbox to the left of the detail in the Social Media Information column to select the particular item and replace the existing item in the customer record. 

The Customer's Social Media Profile Images card will display any profile images used in the customer's social media accounts, as well as the image used for the Autosoft customer record. If you wish to use one of the social media profile images, click the radio button to the left of the image to select it. 

Step 6. Click Update Customer to save the changes to the customer record. 

Note:  When adding an individual customer to your system, the system will automatically search the Web for social media accounts that match the email address or addresses you've entered for the customer.  

Once you've connected the customer's record to their social media accounts, the Customer Summary Card will include the corresponding social media icons in the lower-right corner. If you have the appropriate permissions, you can click these icons to visit the customer's various social media pages. 



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