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Viewing Notifications

Autosoft -

When you're following a customer record, vehicle record, or deal and there is any activity on that item, you will be notified in the Notifications tab of the Collaboration Panel. If your Collaboration Panel is closed, you'll be alerted to a waiting notification by a red left-pointing Collaboration Panel caret  in the upper-right corner of the screen. 

In addition to the red Collaboration Center caret that appears when the center is closed and the red alert bubble that appear on the Notification tab when it's open, alerts to system notifications will be delivered in the form of a real-time pop-up message accompanied by an audible alert. The notification pop-up will appear in the lower-right corner of your screen and will contain the application out of which the notification is being sent (Vehicle if there is activity on vehicle you're watching, Customer if a customer you're watching has been updated, and Sales if a deal you're watching has been altered). Depending on the length of the message, the pop-up will also contain the beginning or entirety of the message. These alerts can be turned off and on in your Web browser settings. See your Web browser's Help page for directions on managing these alerts.

To view the notifications, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click the red left-pointing Collaboration Panel caret to open the panel. 

Step 2. An alert symbol will appear on the Notifications tab. It will contain the number of notifications waiting for your attention. Click on the Notifications tab to view the list of notifications. 

Step 3. Notifications are organized by system application. A heading with the application name will appear above the notifications for that app. You'll also notice a grouping labeled "Autosoft" containing any system notifications. You can collapse a grouping or expand it by clicking the blue caret to the left of the grouping header to view all the notifications. 

Step 4. You can view the notification message directly in the Notifications tab. However, if you want to view the business item related to the notification, hover over the notification and click the pop-up icon that appears. This will open the item in a new browser tab.

Along with the pop-up icon, a variety of other options are available to you when you hover over the notification message, allowing you to perform a number of operations directly from the Notification tab. You can flag the item as a favorite using the Favorite star icon or share it with a colleague using the Share icon.

Step 5. When you're done reading the message and performing any additional activities using the icons that appear when you hover over the message, click the X button from the hover options to close the message. 


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