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Customer Application

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Use the links below to learn how to use the Customer Application within the Autosoft system. You can also search the Knowledge Base using specific search terms to limit the articles to only those pertaining to your search or the task at hand.

Customer Basics

Understanding Customers

Searching for Customers

Using the Advanced Customer Search

Viewing Inactive Customers

Clearing Customer Search Criteria and Results

Adding Customers

Adding an Individual Customer

Adding a Customer Profile Image

Removing a Customer Profile Image

Adding a Driver's License to a Customer Record

Adding an Individual Customer's Credit Information

Adding a Business Customer

Working in the Customer Record

Understanding the Customer Overview Screen

Editing Customer Information

Making a Customer Inactive

Reactivating an Inactive Customer

Searching Notes in a Customer Record

Viewing and Editing Notes in a Customer Record

Adding Notes to a Customer Record

Deleting Notes from a Customer Record

Adding Vehicles to a Customer Record

Marking a Customer Vehicle Inactive

Merging Customers

Starting a Deal from a Customer Record

Creating Customer Connections

Understanding Customer Connections

Adding a New Customer as a Customer Connection

Making an Existing Customer a Customer Connection

Changing the Primary Contact for a Business Customer

Removing a Connection


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