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Retrieving and Responding to a Chat Message

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When a colleague at your dealership sends you a message using the Autosoft system's Chat feature, you will be alerted. If your Collaboration Center is closed, the alert will appear as a red left-facing caret  in place of the blue left-facing caret you would normally use to open the Collaboration Center. You will need to click this caret to open the Collaboration Center.

When your Collaboration Center is open, the Chat tab will contain a red alert bubble  containing the number of chat conversations with updates awaiting your attention. 

Additionally, you'll receive a real-time pop-up message accompanied by an audible alert in the lower-right corner of your screen. The pop-up alert will contain the name of the user messaging you and, depending on the length of the message, the beginning or entirety of the message. These alerts can be turned off and on in your Web browser settings. See your Web browser's Help page for directions on managing these alerts. 

To retrieve and respond to the message:

Step 1. When the Collaboration Center is open to the Chat tab, any waiting conversations will be listed by the name of the colleague with whom you're chatting--or who has initiated a chat with you. Click on a colleague's name to open the conversation.

Step 2. The message or messages the colleague has sent to you are displayed, and the cursor will appear in the text entry field at the bottom of the Chat tab. Type a response there and click Send




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