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Below, we've arranged a variety of videos and Knowledge Base articles to help you learn the basics necessary to efficiently use the Autosoft DMS to perform your daily tasks. For best results, please work through the resources under each topic in the order in which we've listed them, beginning with System Basics and finishing with Deal Basics. 


System Basics

Begin here to learn how the system works and how to save time and clicks while moving through the system. 

1. Sales and F&I 60-Second Tour (video)

2. Sales and F&I Guided Tour (video)

3. Navigating Your New System (video)

4. Resetting Your Password

5. Working a New Deal (video)

6. Recalling an Existing Deal (video)


Employee Setup

Use these lessons to set up your employees in Autosoft DMS and manage their accounts as necessary. 

1. Adding an Employee to the System

2. Viewing and Editing an Employee Record

3. Changing an Employee's Username and Account Email

4. Resetting an Employee's Password

5. Locking an Employee Account

6. Disabling an Employee Account

7. Enabling Disabled Employee Accounts

8. Setting an Employee's Commissioning Rates

9. Reassigning Deals from One Employee to Another


Bank Setup

These learning resources will teach you to establish in Autosoft DMS records for the banks your dealership works with and to manage those bank records as needed. 

1. Adding Banks

2. Marking a Bank Inactive

3. Reactivating an Inactive Bank



Learn to work in the Vehicles application to add, access, and manage vehicle records. 

1. Understanding the Vehicle Application

2. Understanding the Vehicle Dashboard

3. Adding a Vehicle to Inventory

4. Adding Vehicle Equipment

5. Adding Vehicle Images

6. Editing a Vehicle Record

7. Editing Vehicle Equipment

8. Editing and Deleting Vehicle Images

9. Deleting a Vehicle

10. Deleting Vehicle Equipment

11. Viewing a Vehicle's Accounting Details

12. Using the Vehicle Actions Buttons

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