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Starting a Chat Conversation

Autosoft -

You can easily collaborate with co-workers using the Autosoft system's Chat feature. This feature stays conveniently hidden to free up valuable real estate on the screen. But when you need to send a message, it's simply a matter of clicking the left-facing caret on the right edge of the screen to open the Collaboration Center. ChatWindow_Feb262020.png

Step 1. If your Collaboration Center is closed, click the left-facing caret to open the panel. It may be white with a blue caret or red with a white caret, depending on whether you have any messages waiting to be read or alerts that you haven't acknowledged.



Step 2. The Collaboration Center will open to the Chat tab. To begin a new chat, you must first collapse an open chat, if there is one. Click the orange X button to the right of the name of the colleague with whom you have a chat open. This will collapse the chat while retaining the conversation. You can re-open it later by clicking on the colleague's name in your Chat tab. In this way, you can move between multiple chats.


Step 3. Once you've closed the open chat, click the orange + button in the upper-right corner of the panel.


Step 4. A blank Chat box will open.


In the field at the top of the panel, type the name of the user you want to chat with. As you type, a menu of users with names that match what you've typed opens. You can click the user's name from the list. 


Step 5. Type a message in the text entry field at the bottom of the Chat tab. You can even add emojis by clicking the smiley face on the right side of the text entry field and selecting an emoji from the emoji menu.

Step 6. Click Start Chat, which will now be an active button.

The message will be sent to your colleague. As the conversation continues, your colleague's replies will appear in your Chat tab. To reply, simply enter your responses in the text entry area and click Send




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