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Getting Help With AutoAssist

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AutoAssist is Autosoft's in-application user help tool. With AutoAssist, users can easily access help topics on all Autosoft applications and view on-demand training. 

To access AutoAssist content, click the Information InformationIcon_Dec302019.png icon in the upper-right corner of any screen in Autosoft Sales and F&I. AutoAssist is a smart, dynamic tool and will display different help topics depending on which part of the system you're in.

You can use the Information icon in the upper-right corner of any screen in Autosoft Sales and F&I to view video tutorials or get answers to any of your questions. 


When you click the Information button, a list of help options will open.


Click Autosoft Help Center from the menu to open the Autosoft DMS Help Center, which contains the Knowledge Base, User Guides, and video tutorials. The Knowledge Base is an array of articles instructing you on various tasks in the Sales and F&I program. If manuals are more your speed, the User Guides present the articles in an order similar to a user manual's table of contents. Just work your way through the articles in order. To use either of these resources, click on the respective button on the Autosoft Help Center homepage. The Autosoft Help Center will also feature a collection of learning videos designed to teach you particular tasks or the overall performance of the system. 

The icon beside each option tells you what type of learning you're selecting. Clicking on this NewTabIcon_Dec302019.png icon opens a help topic in a new tab, while clicking on this WalkthroughIcon_Dec302019.png icon initiates an in-application walk-through. 

You can search for particular topics in the Autosoft Help Center by typing a search term in the Type in your topic field and pressing ENTER. The system will return a list of all the articles, user guides and videos containing the search terms. Each search result will be labeled to signify if it's a knowledge base article, user guide, or video. Just click on the item to open it. 


For more information on AutoAssist, view this instructional video from Autosoft Learning.

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