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Using Breadcrumbs to Navigate the System

Autosoft -

No matter where you are in the system, breadcrumbs in the upper-left corner of the screen will show you where you are and how you got there. These breadcrumbs are clickable and allow you to easily return to an earlier page in the application. 

To return to an earlier screen, simply click on the particular breadcrumb. You can also click the black right-facing arrow to the right of a breadcrumb to view a list of pages within that particular screen. For instance, while on the Overview page of a vehicle record (shown above), you can click the right-facing arrow next to the Summary breadcrumb to open a list of all the pages available for the vehicle record. You can quickly navigate to a new page in the record with a click. This gives you an alternative to using the buttons in the horizontal button bar below the Vehicle Summary Card to move through the vehicle record. The same principle applies in the Customer and Sales apps.   


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