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Deleting a Favorite

Autosoft -

If an item you've flagged as a favorite in the system is no longer useful to you, you can easily remove the favorited item with a couple of clicks.

Step 1. Click the Favorites star icon in the upper-right corner of the main navigation frame. The favorites menu will open.

Step 2. The favorites menu will list the top internal and external favorites. To view the full list of internal or external favorites and edit the list, click the respective heading. This will open a pop-up containing the complete list of favorites in that category. At the top of the pop-up is a toggle that allows you to view the other favorites category.  

Step 3. To delete a favorite, simply hover to the right of the item's pop-up icon and a - icon will appear. 

Step 4. Click the - icon. The favorited internal item or external Website will be removed immediately from the list.

Step 5. Click Close

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