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Accessing Flagged Favorites

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Once you've saved system pages or business items to your Internal Favorites list or external Websites to the External Favorites list, you can easily access those pages with a couple of clicks.

Important:  The favorites menu that opens when you click the Favorites icon on the main navigation frame will only list up to 10 total flagged favorites. This is why the Add Favorite To toggle on the New Internal/External Favorite pop-up is important. Favorites added to the top of the list will always be visible here. See below for directions to access the favorites that have fallen off of this quick access menu. 

Step 1. Click the HistoryFavoritesIcon_May202020.png icon in the upper-right corner of the main navigation frame. The Quick Actions/Favorites menu will open.


The Favorites menu is comprised of three sections: Quick Actions, Internal Favorites, and External Favorites. 

Quick Actions:  This section of the Favorites Menu gives you single-click ability to start a new deal, customer record, or vehicle record from any screen in the system. To learn more about using the Quick Actions, see the Knowledge Base article, "Using Quick Actions."

Internal Favorites:  This portion of the Favorites Menu lists the system pages and business items you've marked as favorites, from dashboards you find useful to customer records, vehicle records, and deals to which you want to have quick, easy access.

External Favorites:  This area of the Favorites Menu lists the external Websites you've marked as favorites because you use them frequently. 

Step 2. If you don't see the item you're looking for in the Favorites Menu, you can view the full list of internal or external favorites by clicking the respective heading. This will open a pop-up containing the complete list of favorites in that category. At the top of the pop-up is a toggle that allows you to view the other favorites category.  

Step 3. To open the favorite, click the pop-out icon to the right of the favorite's name. The internal item or external Website will open in a new browser tab.

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