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Using the Main Navigation Bar

Autosoft -

All of the system's applications are organized into a single button bar available on every page of the platform. The blue vertical panel along the left side of the screen allows you to easily move from one system application to another.

When you log in to the system, you will land on the Dashboard application, which will display information accessible to you based on your role and permissions.


The applications available to you based on your role and permissions will be active in the main navigation bar. Active application buttons will contain bright white icons against the blue background. You can click on any active application button to open that application.

When you are working in an application, that application's button on the left navigation panel will be gray. The application's name will appear in blue in the upper-left corner of the screen, where breadcrumbs show you exactly what screen or page you're on and how you got there.


If at any point while working in an application you want to return to that application's Search screen, you can hover over the gray application button in the left navigation panel to open a list of options and click the Search option, which will always be at the top of the list, except in the Dashboard application, where there is no search feature. Other available navigation options for the application will be listed under the Search option. Additionally, you can simply click on the open application's main navigation button to return to the application's Search screen. 

Hovering over the Sales application's button in the main navigation bar reveals a list of options, including Deal Search. Here, you can access your third-party sales integrations and the Autosoft Sales Tools, if your dealership subscribes to the Sales Tools service. 



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