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Sales Application

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Use the links below to learn how to use the Vehicle Application within the Autosoft system. You can also search the Knowledge Base using specific search terms to limit the articles to only those pertaining to your terms or the task at hand.

Application Basics

Understanding the Sales Dashboard

Searching for Deals

Recalling a Deal

Starting Deals

Creating a New Deal for a New Prospect

Creating a New Deal for an Existing Customer

Starting a Deal from a Customer Record

Starting a New Deal from a Vehicle Record

Working Several Deals at Once

Adding a Buyer and Co-Buyer

Adding a Buyer to a Deal

Adding a Co-Buyer to a Deal

Editing Buyer Information

Swapping the Buyer and Co-Buyer

Using the Buyer and Co-Buyer Actions Buttons

Changing a Buyer on a Deal

Adding a Vehicle and Trade

Adding a Vehicle to a Deal

Adding Vehicle Insurance to a Deal

Removing a Vehicle from a Deal

Adding a Trade to a Deal

Removing a Trade from a Deal

Finishing Touches Before Desking

Editing Deal Information

Printing Prospect Forms 

Desking the Deal

Understanding the Desking Process

Adding Front Options to a Deal

Editing or Removing a Front Option from a Deal

Editing a Deal's Taxes and Fees

Adding Back Options to a Deal

Editing or Removing Back Options from a Deal

Adding Coverages to a Deal

Editing or Removing Coverage from a Deal 

Adding Credit Insurance to a Deal

Adding Cash to a Deal

Adding Rebates to a Deal 

Editing or Removing Rebates from a Deal 

Using the Lease Deal Residual Card

Rolling a Deal

Rolling a Balloon or Retail Deal

Rolling a Cash Deal

Rolling a Lease Deal

Finishing a Deal 

Printing Deal Forms

Creating User-Defined Forms Menus

Viewing the Deal Recap

Viewing and Editing the Front Gross

Viewing and Editing the Back Gross

Editing the Total Book

Viewing and Editing Commissions

Adding an Employee to Deal Commissions

Removing an Employee from a Deal's Commissioning

Finalizing a Deal

Editing a Finished Deal

Unwinding a Finished Deal

Lost Sales

Marking a Sale Lost

Reactivating a Lost Sale

Marking a Deal as Unfunded

Deleting a Deal


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