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Starting a Deal from a Customer Record

Autosoft -

If your customer is ready to start building a deal, you can start the process right from their customer record. 

Step 1. While in the customer's record, click the Actions button in the upper-right corner of the screen, above the Customer Summary Card. 

Step 2. The Actions options menu will open. Select New Deal.


Step 3. The Deal Information pop-up will open containing defaults set in System Setup. To change the information in a field, click the options button to the right of the field and select a different option from the drop-down menu.


If the customer has vehicles associated with their customer record, use the Trade field's options button to open a list of those vehicles. Select the vehicle you'd like to use as the trade on the deal. If you would like to add multiple trade vehicles, you can add additional vehicles from the customer's vehicles list after the deal has been started.


Note:  The Deal Information pop-up displayed above contains some cards that you may or may not see when beginning a deal from a customer record. If the address you've entered requires verification, a Please Verify Address card will present you with some options. Select the appropriate address. The Taxes Information card will be included if the customer's address requires a different tax rate than the default rate set for your store. If you do not wish to replace the tax rate, click to uncheck the Replace Tax Rates box. 

Step 4. Click Save. The new deal will open to the Overview page. You'll see that the customer has been added as the buyer. Continue building the deal. For more information, see the Sales Knowledge Base. 


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