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Reassigning Deals from One Employee to Another

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You can reassign active deals from an employee to one or more different employees based on role. This functionality is helpful when an employee has left the dealership or is on extended leave. You can choose to reassign all the employee's deals to one selected employee or to assign them to several selected employees using a round robin method. If the employee has deals assigned to them under different roles, you can reassign the deals based on role. 

Note:  Only users with administrative rights can reassign employee deals. 

Step 1. On the Employee Search screen of the Setup App, search for and open the employee whose deals you want to reassign.

Step 2. In the employee record, click the Deal Reassignment button. The Deal Reassignment page of the record opens.

Step 3. Use the Assigned to Deal As field to select the role the employee played on the deals you want to reassign. The field will default to the employee's normal title. However, if the employee has played other roles on deals, click the field's options button to open the drop-down menu of roles and select a different one. 

Step 4. A list of Sales and F&I employees populates the Available Salespersons box. Click on an employee to whom you want to reassign one or more of the current employee's deals. Pressing CTRL while you click on employees allows you to select multiple employees.

Step 5. Click the right-facing black arrow to move the selected employees from the Available Salespersons box to the Selected Salespersons box. 

Note:  You can unselect the employees you've chosen to reassign the deals to by clicking the left-facing black arrow, which moves the employees' names from the Selected Salespersons box back to the Available Salespersons box. 

Step 6. Click Save

You can repeat this process for every role in which the employee was assigned to deals, if necessary. 

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