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Viewing and Editing an Employee Record

Autosoft -

Step 1. Click the Setup Application button in the left navigation panel. The Dealership Information screen will open.

Step 2. Click the Employees button on the Dealership Information screen. 


Step 3. The Employee Search screen will open. Use the Search field to enter an employee's full or partial name or employee number and click Search or press ENTER. You can also use the vertical scroll bar to scroll through the list of employees to find the one you're looking for. 


Step 4. From the search results, click on an employee to open the Employee Quick Look Card. Here, you can verify that this is the employee whose record you want to view.

Step 5. To open the employee record, click the View Employee button in the upper-right corner of the Employee Quick Look Card. You can also click the View icon in the employee's line in the search results. 

Step 6. The employee record will open. You can review the details of the employee record or make any necessary changes by clicking on the appropriate page of the record. Click into text fields to enter new information or use the options buttons to open drop-down menus where possible. To add an address, phone number, or email address, click the blue + button on the particular card to open a new item line and enter the information. To remove an address, phone number, or email address, click the gray - button to the right of the item.

Step 7. When you're done making changes, click Save.

Important:  Each page of the employee record contains a Save button. If you make changes on multiple pages of the record, be sure to save each page before moving to the next. 


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