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Generating Reports

Autosoft -

The Reporting Application allows you to generate reports for your dashboard, sales, customer, and vehicle activities. The preformatted reports that come preloaded in the system provide a quick analysis of key areas of interest to track your traffic. They also ensure you have crucial inventory information available when you need it. 


Step 1. Click the Reporting App in the left navigation panel. The Reporting App will open to the All page.

Step 2. The All page contains all the available dashboard, sales, customer, and vehicle reports. You can search the page for a particular report by typing a search term in the Search field and clicking Search. The list of reports will be limited to only those with names that contain your search criteria. 

You can also click the Dashboard, Sales, Customer, or Vehicle button to open a list of reports specific to that category. 


Step 3. To open a report, click on the report name in the list. 

Step 4. For reports that allow you to set parameters before generating the report, a pop-up will open that will allow you to tailor the information in the report. Enter a Start Date and End Date and click the options button to open a field's drop-down menu of options. You can also type reporting parameters directly into some fields. 

Use the buttons on the bottom of the pop-up to choose to generate the report in CSV (comma-separated values), PDF, or Excel format. 


For standard reports that cannot be customized, when you click on the report name, the Autosoft report printing process will begin. Follow the prompts on the screen to ensure the correct software is installed on your workstation. 

Step 6. The report will be generated in the format you've selected. You can print or save the report as necessary. 


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