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Working Several Deals at Once

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Sometimes you'll need to switch between multiple deals while you're working. To do that quickly in this system, you'll either need to open multiple Web browser tabs, one for each deal, or you'll need to use the Recently Viewed feature.

You can easily identify your deals or business items when you're working among multiple browser tabs for various deals and vehicle or customer records by looking at the business item description that displays on each tab. Each tab will display the Autosoft icon and a brief description. Each tab will first identify the category the item belongs in, followed by a specific identifier, such as customer last name, vehicle stock number, or the customer last name on a deal. 

For detailed directions on working several deals at once, click the methods below:

Opening in Multiple Web Browser Tabs
Opening Recently Viewed Deals


Opening and Working in Multiple Web Browser Tabs
To open multiple deals at once, side-by-side, you'll use the blue pop-up arrow in each deal's quick look card. To do this: 

Step 1. Click the Sales App button in the main navigation bar. The Sales Search screen will open. 

Step 2. Use the Search field and filtering fields to locate one of the deals you want to open.

Step 3. Click on the deal in the search results. The deal's quick look card will open. 

Step 4. Click the blue pop-up arrow in the upper-right corner of the deal's quick look card. The deal will open in a new Web browser tab. 

Step 5. Click on the browser tab in which the Sales Search screen is open and repeat Steps 2 through 4 to open each deal you want to work simultaneously. 

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Opening Recently Viewed Deals
You can also quickly switch back and forth between deals by using the Recently Viewed feature. This is helpful if you've been working on a deal on-and-off, and you suddenly have to recall it and make an adjustment. If you open an item from the Recently Viewed list, it will automatically open in a new browser tab.

Step 1. If you've recently worked on a deal, while working in another deal or on any other screen in the program, you can click the Recently Viewed button in the upper-right corner of the screen. This will open a list of the five business items you most recently visited. 

If the deal you're looking for isn't in the top five of your most recently viewed, click View All in the upper-right corner of the drop-down box. A larger Recently Viewed pop-up will open containing the full list of your most frequently recently viewed items.

Step 2. Locate the deal you want to open from the recently viewed list and click the pop-over button to open it in a new tab. 

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