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Reactivating a Lost Sale

Autosoft -

Reactivating a lost sale removes the "lost" status and returns the deal to "working."

Step 1. Search for the lost deal on the Deal Search screen by clicking the Deal Status field's options button to open the drop-down menu and select Lost.

Step 2. Click Search and locate the lost sale you want to reactivate.

Step 3. Click the View icon in the deal's search results line to open the lost sale. The lost sale will open.

Step 4. Click the Change Deal Status button above the Deal Summary card in the upper-right corner of any page of the lost deal. A drop-down menu will open. 


Step 5. Select Restore Deal from the menu.

Step 6. a Restore Deal pop-up will open, asking you to verify you want to restore the deal. Click Restore Deal. The deal status next to the deal number will change from "Lost" to "Working."

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